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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Am I Crazy? Because All I’m Seeing Is High Comedy…


Ya see that? AOC reads the Thunderbox.
She must have seen my recent scholarly post on raping and pillaging.

From all the news bytes I saw, that insurrection looked awfully tame. I saw lots of grannies, tourists and stubfarts, and maybe a few drunked up wanks. The bum’s rush out the door would have taken care of most of them. A few might have been let off with a slap on the wrist. You might argue the drunks and vandals should be given 30 days, maybe. About the only real jail time that should have come out of that was the cop that shot the army vet, and I think maybe the guy that stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. But apparently there were all kinds of murderous 300 lb. racists and sexists there and nobody caught them on camera. I’m sorry… I can’t help but laugh at the poor oppressed bar maid.

My good buddy Aesop is on a comedy tour de force too! He spent the past year scaring the chit out of seniors, neurotics, rubes and hypochondriacs with the chinkypox, promising choked hospitals and morgues, with bodies stacked in the street, how everyone has to mask up or they’re gonna DIE, and now that the tard has everyone around him gobbling in fright…his gubbimint bought the pant load he was pushing, and is trying to impose mandatory vaccination. Aesop is now threatening to go ballistic if they try to force him to take the jab. Ya can’t make this shit up! I think he should propose to AOC… they are turds of a feather!


As for me, no, I am not getting the jab.  Canadian politics are reasonable unlike those of you ignernt Americans! Unlike that idiot Aesop, I am willing to deal: I am holding out until that flimp of a prime minister of ours meets my demands: I will get the jab IF he promises me a coupon for free junk food! And I am not talking about just the fries either … I want the full Happy Meal with the Ronald Macdonald treat of the week! Until then, I will flounce hither and yon, spreading COVID, flatulence and BO wherever I go! Clock’s ticking, Justin! Tik tok! HAR!

Hope y’all are having a great Monday! And if anyone has any problems with my odour or contagion, please mail your objections to:

Justine Turdo

24 Sussex Drive

Ottawa, Morontario






  1. AOC wasn't even in the building at the time. She was in a building a block away.
    No, I'm not getting the jab either.

  2. AOC's DREAM is to be raped by an "insurgent..." She can't even get lucky with her toys because she outlawed electricity with her "green new deal..." She's like those abortion activists. Their problem is not getting an abortion. Their problem is to find someone drunk enough to get them pregnant! As for AOC, she wasn't even on-site when the "marauders" were raping, pillaging, and taking selfies in the Rotunda while standing in line to get into the chambers.

    ...These people don't have any idea what an insurrection" looks like... They'll soil themselves when it really does happen...

  3. i hope they will be soiling themselves real soon

  4. Now that I think of it… it’s fairly common I guess…my daughter tells everyone that she came from an abusive home; I was an ogre and her mom was an uncaring bitch to hear her tell it. Her love partner is the same - she tells everyone her mother was an abusive lunatic… and I am pretty sure that one is all projection.

    These young women seem to crave drama and try to portray themselves as brave hearts and victims at the same time. We saw it all the time with the fattie COVID nurses dancing in the empty hospital corridors on tik tok. Remember how they bragged about risking their lives to save yours from the dreaded flu?

    I wonder if they believe it themselves? Or do they get their satisfaction from manipulating people?