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Saturday, 28 August 2021

And So It Begins…


I guess the COVID rent moratoriums are coming off. I wonder how many evictions will actually take place. Will land lords ever recoup the back rent?


  1. "Will land lords ever recoup the back rent?" NOPE! Going to be a lot of rental property go up for tax auctions and foreclosures. A lot of bankruptcies filled and the banks are going to be looking for bail-outs, again.

    Just like there are going to be a ton of student loans, here in the US, in default about the middle of April cause a bunch of folks weren't bright enough or adult enough to see the brick wall called money-owed at the end of payment moratorium ride.

  2. The goal was not to save the renters but to bankrupt the Landlords. The properties will be bought up by Blackstone and the like. The Renters' debts will be forgiven or those debts will be held against them in a manner that makes them dependent on the gov't

  3. I did all my fed poasting yesterday, but this kind of thing makes me want to start foaming at the mouth and start throwing bombs at our leaders...

    1. Dude, you don't have leaders--you have a bunch of fags who couldn't find their asses with both hands and a Search & Rescue team, who've been installed into their positions by some shadowy Cabal.

      Just like us. :(

  4. Landlords will never get their money back. Most will be lucky not to lose their property.

  5. I consider myself damn lucky that I sold my last rental to my oldest son. He's doing well and we can help if need be.
    I truly believe, as do others, that this is a .gov takeover of private property.
    It's written in the commie manifesto, and in rules for radicals.

  6. The Landlord wants his money. He'd rather get paid than evict his tenants. The trouble is there are a few tenants who saw this is 'free rent year' and took advantage of it. Meanwhile, the Landlord is living on whatever he can grow, scrounge, or steal, and praying he can make the nut this month.

    Imagine you have the business ethics of a chainsaw. Your a mortgage lender, and you have clients. The ones you want to see fail are those few who are down to the final year of payments on a 15 year loan against a rental property. The ones you'd like to see succeed and pay their loans off are the many who are in possession of properties that are underwater - they owe $125,000 on a property worth $25,000 at most.

    Me, I think the U.S. economy is going to rock a little on this one.