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Saturday, 14 August 2021

Back in the 50s many parents wanted to make comic books
on the grounds that they supposedly rotted the brains of our youth…
and the motion was formally presented to the gubbimint for consideration.
It was defeated, and the edgy counterculture comic book artisans gave the finger
to frumpy parents who wanted a say in what their kids read.

The other day I saw someplace that they are making Robin into 
a bisexual.


  1. Everyone knew from the beginning that Robin was a faggot.

  2. thought about this a couple days back.

    it started with Liberace. not the first pickle puffer on TV, but the first obvious pickle puffer on TV. but it's for the cultural enlighenment...

    then Batman and Robin, which my 7th grade classmates knew were gay

    then Paul Linde and Charles Nelson Reilly, but they were amusing...

    and now you have drag queen story hour in public freaking libraries.

  3. I didn't know any of that. I was a wee gaffer watching the original movies with Adam West in them and when I was done, I'd go and steal one of mom's tea towels for a cape and I was in the crime fighting business. I left Batman behind when I learned to read and never saw him again until 30 years later when the Dark Knight movies became popular.

    I know nothing. I live in the forest, under a rock. I suppose that makes Batman a pedo too...