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Friday, 27 August 2021

Bring It

Well I’ve got my fedpoasting in for the day. And I’m smart enough to know when I’m being goaded. 

FFS. This is a Marine? Guys… I have been the number one fanboy of the USMC in Canada for over 40 years! What am I supposed to make of this shite? 

I’m so sorry. Here is my official fanboy slide whistle, decoder ring, and membership card. You guys have some house cleaning to do.


  1. Not a Marine. US Army. However, that clip is taken out of context. She was replying to a woke Karen on why the Army has not rounded up those nasty conservatives. They removed the whole clip and left this fragment. Her point is if those got rounded up, she could too.

  2. Glen, we are in the middle of an information war. It's going to get worse.

    Don't let this crap wear you down. I'm sure we will win, be patient.

  3. It doesn't JJ. Very occasionally I need a break though.

    Little Miss Gung Ho here might want to watch her mouth because I consider her no friend of mine. In fact, I consider hers the face and voice of what's wrong with the current military.

    So much so that If I ever do find myself in a pitched gun fight with my gubbimint... chivalry goes out the window and I will try to kill the women first. Like it or not, they are the demographic that is putting our countries right where they are today. I am rapidly coming to the opinion that women shouldn't be allowed to vote either.