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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

 Y’know everyday I seem to hear about the dangers from the far right. But there are absolutely NO threats at all from the far left! Good heavens, no!!! Apropos of nothing at all… if you strive for any form of self suffiency…you are political threat from the far right.

…which is why they will try to outlaw it…

I love the farmer’s markets and not for any political reasons. Good gawd - everything is political now. And  at the official level, there is no longer any such thing as “left” or “right”. They’re all on the same team and all their debates and differences are just so much a finger puppet show as anything else. Out on the street, politics are now left, right, up, down, forwards and backwards…. And the best we can hope for is a gridlock so that they tie each other’s hands and can’t do anything.

We should have started cracking heads when they turned the Chinkypox into a state religion. If they start going after farmer’s markets…?

Aw chit. If I keep going I’ll be fedpoasting again. 


  1. I keep seeing claims about how liking some totally benign thing is actually evidence of some Baked In EEEEVILL White whatever,, but no Explanation of any mechanism or behavior that would actually connect things. And they seem to believe that because They are able to gin up the emotional response that they think would be reasonable to have IF their accusations were correct that That makes it real. I'm ready for the explanation. HOW does going to what amounts to a community garage sale where, instead of household goods being sold, it's Food,, but somehow that's associated with a fascistic mindset?? How?
    Some people are just unreal.

    1. We are all ready for an explanation, JOG. And I no what the answer will be: only white racists notice things or ask questions.

      I don't see this circular illogic holding much longer.

  2. Mass Hypnosis And Covid - Mass Hypnosis Explained

    Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

  3. I've noticed something similar here in Germany...rabid paranoia against anything "right wing", but nobody mentions that the National SOCIALISTS were, are and will forever be LEFT wing. And this whole hoopla about two wings came from the French "court", where the "King" had a parliament where one whole side was opposition. Some King, a real King would have that half of the house a head shorter before the coats in the Garderobe got cold, and there wouldn't be any rich buggers behind the scenes playing it all like a marionette show.

  4. many oddities emit from the corna dog and pony show, one of which is that the seed sellers were told not to sell seeds
    how do seeds spread corona?
    they don't, they spread self sufficiency