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Saturday, 28 August 2021

Retard Olympic Shooting Team

Earlier in the week I took a new shooter out to the range. He'd bought his first handgun - one a those new plastic Sigs... P320? I think the Marines are using a variant of it now. I like ol' B. He is one a those guys that knows it all but I don't care. I am one of those guys that only knows two things - f*** all, and nothing, HAR HAR HAR! B's been giving me an earful for the last little while about what a great shot he is. He has some interesting theories on pistolcraft too. He goes to our church and is a good friend of the wife's as well so I didn't say anything.

His boy is 14 and temporarily in a wheel chair. Seems the lad asked a dirtbike to do the physically impossible, so the machine broke his leg for his impudence. I saw the X rays too - there must have been about an inch between the bones in that pic. I cringe just thinking about it - but the lad is made of the right stuff and will be back on the bike as soon as possible.

Bruce shot like dirt. He did alright, I suppose, for someone with no instruction or experience and the humbling was good for him. I couldn't let him get away without at least a minor spanking - I put 5 out of 5 on the gong he couldn't hit for love or money. I was kinda surprised too - this was experimental ammo made from a bullet mold sold to me by AB. I had been having some teething problems getting set up for cast lead pistol bullets, but AB stepped in, gave me a few pointers and sold me some lead - and I was off to the races.

I woulda been happy if the ammo just cycled and fed properly and it did that in spades... but it shot well too. 

I'll be damned. Without that flyer it would have been a 25 yard solid two inch group...


Here is the pic of the home made hero: a 200 gr. 
flat point with home-made pot lube!

The classical 1911 45 ACP load is a 230 gr. round nose, moving at around 750~900 feet per second. A common load for that uses around 5.1 gr. of W231 - I have shot that for years with great results. But a flat point...? Mine is a match grade target gun and was Springfield's answer to the Colt Natonal Match Gold Cup gun. I am running HP38 rather than W231 but that shouldn't matter as it is virtually the same stuff. I kicked the powder charge up .2 of a grain and kept them on the slow side where I seem to do my best shooting.

B was flabbergasted. He thought I was an expert and I gotta admit that I started laying it on thick too. Usually offhand, my groups run 3~5 inches and I probly just got lucky here... but I dinkishly pretended that this was just par for the course and that I am a shooting champ, HAR HAR HAR!!! I am such a dink - and the gun gods will punish me for my arrogance and foolishness. 

I can tell by listening to him that B won't take correction and/or coaching from a gas bag gunclub stubfart, so I kept my advice simple: get some snap caps and practice the trigger pull. Get a book and read up on the biomechanics of pistol shooting and practice what you read. Take a course too. I know B would listen to a trained teacher much more so than me. 

Maybe I shouldn't lie either - part of the reason I was such a dink about my fluke shooting session was that he and his boy laughed at my beloved 1911. In their opinion I may as well have been shooting a flintlock! But I suppose old people should not be offended when young folks laugh at them. I should have taken it in good grace.

I'd really like to thank AB for all his help in getting started in boolit casting. Like B - when it came to boolit casting I thought I knew it all, when I was actually full a beans. What worked for my retirement rifles would not work with my pistols. With a few pointers from an expert - I am now up and running and can pass for an expert to the untrained eye!  

Apparently AB has cobbled together an old 12 bore progressive reloader press and it's running like a top. If any of you guys are interested in a machine, pipe up in the comments and leave your contact info. AB is here in Alberta with me and will get in touch if you are interested.


  1. "Bruce shot like dirt."
    What distance?

  2. I was at the indoor range with my Ruger .22 MK II Government in blued steel, 10 shot mag. I loaded up three mags and put an international orange sticky over the bull's eye, then cranked the target back to 25 feet or so.

    I decided on impulse to play the Visine game - get the red out. I started shooting around the circumference of the sticky. The lighting is just okay, and I can see tiny little nicks being taken out of the circle. I finish the last mag, and wonder if I've hit anything, black on black being what it is and my eyes being what they are (ruined from an adult lifetime in smokey atmosphere and bad lighting). I crank the target back.

    The taget gets halfway back and the red sticky falls out. I'd trimmed it perfectly - ain't I just the stud! Naturally I'm shooting alone that day... then I looked over my shoulder. Three guys were at the observation window, watching me. I waved.

    Two took off, but the third guy hung around to explain. They'd never seen me before, and they always keep an eye on new shooters at the range. They didn't see anything hit the orange center, so they didn't think I knew what I was doing - until I cranked the target back.

    What a howl!

  3. Nice shooting on your part, by the bye.

  4. Laughed at a 1911? Blasphemy.
    And Bruce needs to discover sit-ups.

  5. Replies
    1. I was just having some fun with friends TB…

  6. Laugh at your 1911 are they?
    I'll bet they aren't laughing now.

    "I should have taken it in good grace"
    What you should have taken was his money.
    All in good sport of course.

  7. I’ve got the gear, the lead and the gumption to start casting. What I don’t have is any idea of how. Ewwtoob isn’t much help and the one bud I had who did this shipped out 10 years ago. Could ya drop an email to me so I can pick your brain? Thanks!

  8. HP-38 and 231 are the same thing. Essentially it comes out of the same spout and goes into different bottles. If something usable swims by, snag it.