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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Tard School Supplies

 Here, now!!! No pushing or shoving!!! There’s enough Togo round! And since I am the biggest retard on the internet, I figure it only fair that I should get first dibs!

I think I’ll take the gladius, thank you very much! And if any of you want to make sport of it, I’ll bring my massive scutum down on your for your troubles! TB will no doubt take the katana, and WL the small sword…but I fear a full on three way punch up over that bastard between Pete, Jack and Quartermain…

It really felt like fall out there yesterday morn. The wee ones will be going back to school soon, and the endless summer draws to a close.


  1. Glen, to some extent those are all shockingly correct.

    "I either have no idea what I'm doing or every idea what I'm doing" - that is a highly accurate statement. Like any hobby or interest, explaining to people the process of using a katana or why their very cool highly decorated blade is not really practical for actual combat is a process.