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Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Tuesday Mish Mash

Well it's coming, isn't it? Round here, we get all the fall colours but the first and most prevelant seems to be yellow.  The first leaves are starting to go. It wasn't cold this morn, but it wasn't warm either. Mort and I left Macey and Mom behind to sleep in and set out on patrol.

The leaves begin to turn on Dawg Island

The other leaves have that baked green look and texture that says
they are pretty much done for the year.

I am just trying to avoid politics like the plague right now. I swear that at least 50% of us are lunatics that need adult supervision, 25% are uneducable retards, and the remaining 25% of us are on our own. I crapped in the comments at other blogs and I think I may be in error as to which of those demographics I fall into. I need to get my mind off our own impending election where Turdo looks poised for another term of destroying the nation, virtue signaling, and political correctness. There has to be better things going on, somewhere. Fortunately I am not at a loss for diversions.

The forest fires are awful this year, and it has been so dry.
I roll out early in the morn to shoot outdoors by myself in peaceful tranquility.
There is no lunacy and degeneracy here, just the peaceful solitude of
an archery range out in the country.
I had a big fat grouse taunting me and daring me to put him
in the pot... but that would have been unethical.

Q. "How do ya like your chicken, Filthie?"
A. "Poached, please..."
I will have to wait for hunting season to lose my arrows shooting
at birds.

King Peter has decreed that we must shoot smaller vane, 4 fletched arrows this year for increased accuracy at longer range. The theory is that arrows start becoming subject to the 'parachute effect' as the arrow slows, and the drag induced by the vanes overwhelms the stability of the centrifugal effect. Think of the old school paratroopers swinging about under their canopies during WW2. It got a lot of them hurt or even killed. The smaller, more aerodynamic fletches retain slightly more velocity and become less stable at longer ranges. Or at least, that seems to be the theory.

I have my big, fat old 3 fletchers in white, and the smaller 4 fletchers in green and put them both to the test in real world conditions to see if all this theory bears out. I found that at around 60 yards, there is very little to no difference between the two. At 75 yards, the little four fletch arrows land more accurately than the big 3 fletchers. As a bow hunter for me it is a non-issue; I need to hit accurately out to 20~30 yards and that's it. But for the target shooter in me... this may be of concern. I don't like the way the four fletchers poke at my face when I come to anchor... but the results of this testing are what they are. I still have more to do but that is the way of it for now.

At times like these there seems to be a lot of bad things going on. My experience in life is that these tumultuous times often give way to good ones. Maybe the best thing to do is gear down, focus on the preps and try and stay loose and easy.

Have yourselves a great Tuesday.


  1. I had some nice evenings at Sherwood Park Archery club during my stay in Fort Saskatchewan. Met a lady there with an Olympic type bow who hitting the bull at incredible distances, at least to an east Texas brush hunter like me.

    1. Fall already? Man. I envy you. We are still locked in the Hell we refer to as "Summer" here.

      I saw your PM had called for elections. Any chance it backfires spectacularly in his face like Teresa May?

    2. How long ago was that, Mc?

      I foolishly took a thirty year time out on archery and it really was foolish - I got too competitive and obsessed with it and the fun went out. Perhaps I still had some maturing to do...

  2. Anything can happen TB. I am hoping that he gets the punt but we have so much diversity now, that half of the vibrant "Canadians" will sell their vote for a welfare cheque. He's talking about importing a boatload or 10 of Afghan regugees now...