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Thursday, 12 August 2021

We’ll Just See About This

The women and children might want to avoid the
pool for a few days while us stubfarts clean it up a bit.

Quartermain! Pete! Jack! Thar she blows!
Ya might wanna put on some trunks, Quartermain.
Remember men - the potato goes in the front of the speedo,
and not the back…



  1. I notice they put the slimmest woman front and center, probably so you might not notice the fatties as much. This sends what sort of message? With everything being so fake these days I can't keep up with exactly what they are trying to sell.

  2. I think the message is 'beer bellies are beautiful'... only they are serious about it.

    For years now the frumpy lesbians and horsefaced fatties have been trying to tell men what the real definition of beauty is... and I don't think it is going well.

  3. It's Maybe Dickless, the white whale! Oars out and pull for all yer worth - they've seen us and they're catchin' up.

  4. Bones are for dogs. Meat, is for the men..