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Monday, 9 August 2021


Well summer is winding down. I can still go out in shorts and a shirt in the morning - but I can smell the fall. The wife is off with the kids at bible camp this week and the dawgs and I are fending for ourselves. I dunno if it is just my imagination, but I feel the winds of change in my life coming - which is odd because lately I have been an absolutely boring old stubfart. Perhaps I am just restless and bored with myself. It happened to my father in law; he was a very active man and semi-retirement would have been hell on him. He'd get bored at home, and to get away from his wife he'd often come over here and start getting into mischief out of sheer boredom. Fortunately I would never do something like that even if I were able. I have to sort out how to keep myself happy and occupied and sometimes it takes a real effort. Perhaps it is my folks. Pop turned 80 this year. My mother is actually making an effort at not being and old bitch, HAR HAR HAR!!! Never thought I'd see the day!

It's bizarre, I have all kinds of things to but some days... just no motivation. Even fun things I have to push myself on sometimes. With the wife gone, I think today I am just going to shoot. Pistols in the morn, and then archery in the evening over at King Peter's. He is convinced that going to a four fletch arrow and smaller low profile vanes makes for better arrow flight. It worked for him so he insisted on making me try it too. I fletched them up last night ... and we'll see what happens. There's all kinds of theories on this, the math can get absolutely gay when you start talking about laminar flows, vortices, and all the other BFM (Black F******g Magic) of it. My experience with this sort of thing is that theory and real world results are often very different things.

I suppose I gotta get up and at 'em and get after my chores. Mort needs the willknots combed out of his arse, I have to vacuum and get my guns together... so we'll catch up with ya later!

Have yourselves a great Monday and thanks for dropping by.


  1. I don't know if you watched the Olympic games in Tokyo, but I watched part of the archery contest. What caught my attention was all the appliances that the contestants had attached to their bows. Each one of these bows looked like some kind of Rube Goldberg invention.

    What is all that junk anyway?

  2. might want to take this down when you read it

    please read and let me know your thoughts

  3. Glen, I have often found that change is presaged by those very feelings as well.