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Monday, 6 September 2021

A Case Of Mistaken Truancy


Well we are supposedly locked down again. It went into effect on Saturday and I noticed a lot of folks are now in my boat. They half-ass the masks with their noses out, don't wear them at all, don't social distance... and I think the jig is up for the Covitards larping the Andromeda Strain or The Stand. The faithful morons are still doing it - mostly the very elderly.

I bailed out of church yesterday. When it comes to Covid, they render unto Ceasar and bend the knee to him too. I love the folks there, this is politics and not faith... but I'm sorry, I am not bowing down to him myself. Nor will I get in a fight with him that will involve my church. I'd hate to be the reason they got shut down so some idiot Karen can justify herself. I told one of the church 'elders' my stance on it and I think he understood my position but disagreed with it. He has people to care for, I have principles to uphold. Whatever.

But I guess Chinkypox doesn't like churches so no masks are okay. I'll go next week. 

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