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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

A Little Help Here...

 Hey folks.

I am being told that people trying to leave comments are being asked for their e-mails. Is that happening to you? If so - I sincerely apologize.

I prefer anonymity on the internet for both myself and my guests, and I can see how some of my more esteemed visitors would not like to sully their intellectual reputations by being even peripherally associated with a smutty retarded blog like this.

I'm not going to lie, my wrong opinions and dyspeptic disrespect for my moral and intellectual superiors probably has me on some law enforcement flunky's watch list, and on several liberal fart sucker's chit lists. I'd hate to see any of you get any on ya, if ya catch my drift.

Can you check and let me know if the blog is doing this to you? If you know how to disable that - let me know in the comments. Your forbearance and kindness is sincerely appreciated.




  1. It does not ask for my email, but since the comment function knows who I am already I am sure that it is somehow embedded in or available as part of my internet persona. We have no more privacy, and my belief is that true anonymity is impossible today.

    1. Glen, my experience is the same as NM's - no e-mail requirement, but it "knows" me from Blogger/The G-Borg.

      Yes, true anonymity is virtually impossible any more. That said, in the event such things truly come off, it does make things clearer in some respects.

  2. I'm not going to lie,
    Well, there's a first!

    my wrong opinions
    Your opinions aren't 'wrong'; they aren't even incorrect. Occasionally you'll be a bit more on the conservative side than some, but that's to be expected.

    and dyspeptic disrespect for my moral and intellectual superiors
    Moral and intellectual superiors? Name three. You can't, can you? Neither can I.

    probably has me on some law enforcement flunky's watch list,
    Until you started loading your own ammunition and casting your own bullets, you were small potatoes. Now you're of an eatable size, so it follows that your response to such attention from the Authorities should be a resounding 'Eat me!'.

    and on several liberal fart sucker's chit lists.
    I wouldn't notice. Ever since Baked Brie called me a misogynist pig for posting about a whore house, my hide is pretty thick. Case in point, some banana nosed dingle-berry leftest that I knew during my public school years publicly stated that he didn't like me. Oh pain! Oh misery! How will I ever carry on? Fortunately for him, the stupid moonbat and his allies desisted before I hit back with facts.

    I'd hate to see any of you get any on ya, if ya catch my drift.
    I do, and you can help clean it up!

  3. Okay, I published a comment and it didn't ask me for anything.

  4. Never have entered any personal info here in order to comment.

    Just in case it is not apparent, at the bottom of the comment area is a place to select how you want to comment. The options are Google Account - Name/URL or Anon.

    I select anon and do the captcha, no request for info


  5. If I make another list by visiting your site, I'm honored. With American fewshun centers and f1ve eyes intelle hoovering up ALL comms, you can bet everybody is on multiple lists. I'll pass on the .gov camp experience, thank you. I've almost got enough dehydrated h2o in my preps.

  6. Testing, testing... wwwwwoooooOOOOOoooo... THUMP-THUMP... Is this thing on?...

    'Looks good here, Glen...

  7. Nope, typed,hit Publish,, done,,

  8. Sweetie, I've been on lists since my Daddy was doing tooling on B52s and found out the wings didn't fit into the 42 section. Then, Engineering had to redraw the plans and the Whole plant got laid-off until they figured out how to make it work. So what's one more list. And, if I meet you in the line to the re-education camp, I will shake your hand. ;>)

  9. I have always signed in with a goooooogle account to post. I am presented with "Comment as: Google account" Until today, I didn't know there were other options. Oops, too late now but I've had a sinking feeling in my stomach that it has been too late for some time now.
    Screw them. The whole issue is coming to a head and it simply won't matter what the gov't "thinks" any longer.
    Molon Labe mother f*ckers

  10. Thanks a bunch you guys!!!

    There might be some intermittent monkey business going on here. The blog sometimes likes to double and triple up on comments sometimes too, so it's as if you have a stutter or something. It's infuriating...

  11. No request for my esteemed email.

  12. Logged in with blogger, no email needed

  13. Test Comment.

    Test. Test-test.

    One, Two, Poo-Poo-Pah-Doo!

  14. I'm logged in through google, so I'm sure my email is attached to that somehow. Doesn't bother me. I keep the same persona across all the blogs I visit and comment on to be consistent with ID for the sake of community. I figure as deep into spying as big brother is, it doesn't matter. They know who I am, where I am, and that they can come kiss my ass anytime they feel like it. They also know that I know when they like to kick doors. So now that I'm older and "retired", stand-to in the early hours is a habit I'm back into. All the feds reading this are cordially invited to kiss each individual hair on my ass.
    Good night, boys. See you tomorrow.