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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

A Sgian Dubh

It’s a small traditional Scottish utility knife that the men traditionally wore in a sock, kinda like a boot knife I guess. From what I heard, the liberal faggotry in the UK are waging a war on knives now that nobody can own a gun, and these things are largely illegal. It’s too bad because they are actually beautiful little knives. I understand that many carry them anyway and give Britain’s ridiculous knife bans all the contempt they deserve.

The little Sgian Dubhs scale up quite nicely to the Scottish Dirk which is a serious blade that can double as a fighter as well.

 The story I have is that they presented one of these heart stopping beauties to Chuck - and the fag took it for the ceremony and then promptly handed it over to the police!

Can you imagine? In his shoes, I woulda pushed that flawless blade through the ears of that awful pakie mayor of London, wiped it off on his corpse, and then commissioned these guys for a proper Claymore sword.

Hopefully it’s fake news, but given the antics of the Royals and the Brits these days it is all too plausible. 

I carry a Leatherman but there are days I feel like devolving to the level of my ancestors and carrying serious, manly blades.


  1. Serious working knives were not allowed to be carried in Texas until a couple years ago. I can carry a Bowie now, ifn' I want.

    We had all kinds of anti legislation that passed after the Great War of Northern Aggression to keep the commoner disarmed and the carpet bagger safe. We've been peeling the onion back since the mid-90's. Every time the law is relaxed, we hear "it'll be blood in the streets!!" But it never is. Only one politician went on record to say he was mistaken and happily so. He was the DA in Houston back in the mid-90's.

  2. Glen, the sgian dubh (literally the Black Knife) could be carried in the hose (stockings) or the armpit (also known as the Armpit knife), and was so named as it could be used to administer the coup de grace to the severely injured or dying. It also made for a weapon of last defense - like the wakizashi, it would never be removed.

    Prince Charles is actually holding a Scottish Dirk, which in itself was rather a formidable weapon.