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Saturday, 4 September 2021

Be Careful For What Ya Wish For

 A visitor to the site sent me a link to a OyTube vid where a prominent Canadian university professor in a big liberal city went off about ol' Turdo La Doo. He said something to the effect that if he took the dumbest student in his 27 year career as a prof, that guy would be ten times brighter than Turdo... and I believe him. Scholastically speaking... Justin is as dumb as a goldfish. I will bet his IQ falls in line with some of the lower order garden vegetables and froots - and wouldn't be at all surprised if he wasn't some special ed kid as a child As a kid I remember the media saying his father was a whiz kid but all I ever saw in Turdo The Elder was a french faggot with a ropey mouth. I truly believe that the nature of our politics and leadership today are such that if a partially sane, capable and honest leader came forth - those vipers in DC and in Ottawa would rip him to shreds. Turdo La Doo and Tater Joe are where they are because they are morons that can be controlled for the most part.

I fully expect Turdo to win the coming election because close to 40% of Canadians are as dumb as he is. Another 20% (NDP commies) are even dumber than he is. Our conservatives aren't much brighter, mind you - and here in Canada our politics mirror those in the US. The Uniparty is in full control, and the conservative candidate for PM is aptly named O'Toole if I remember correctly. He's a cuck and a moron just like Turdo is... but who knows. I am expecting a fiasco either way and don't much care anymore. I am well past the ballot box and soapbox if ya catch my drift.

Having said all that, this year's kabuki theatre is off to a promising start.

Whatever. I won't be surprised at all if this isn't the last time I actually vote.


  1. The media always says that liberals are "smart", even without any evidence and even with contrary evidence.

  2. "...if a partially sane, capable and honest leader came forth - those vipers in DC and in Ottawa would rip him to shreds." I bet that even the MSM misses Trump now. They had someone count on for "hating for ratings," and didn't have to run interference when their horse started sucking his thumb... It's hard to spin dog crap into cotton candy...

    I'm embracing that third box as well, Glen... It's coming...

  3. The libs aren't stupid, Glen, they're evil. Gonna guess most of the truly stupid aren't liberal. You don't have to fully understand the truth to spot the lies.

    1. Justin Trudeau is a moron, OC. His handlers may be smarter… but they are losing their grip too. The people actually running things up here are hated by at least half the country, and patience is wearing thin. Things will get interesting soon.