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Friday, 3 September 2021

F*** Taylor's & Co.

 These guys.

Years ago I bought one of these replica Colt 1860 Army percussion revolvers and I just love it. The trigger breaks like a glass rod. it smokes and stinks just like the originals, and it shoots like a house on fire. One day I put it through an extended session and went close to 40 rounds with it. Black powder is awful for fouling - it leaves a residue when it burns and if you shoot enough, you will bind up the gun and the only thing you can do is break it down and clean it before shooting again. If you don't, and you keep right on shooting as I did... you will break the part called the hand - the part that rotates the cylinder.

Ordinarily it would be no big deal. You'd call up Taylor's, tell 'em what ya need and they'll ship out a replacement. The first time I dealt with them was with my 1876 Uberti Centennial Rifle. I bought it second hand off the Canadian Gunnutz (fuck those guys too) - and when I received it I learned that the previous owner had tried to do a 'trigger job' on it. He's gone after the hammer with a file and a bottle of beer and by the time he was done, he'd ruined it. Buyer beware, I guess. I ordered a replacement hammer and it was a big deal - $60~70 bucks US, convert to Canukistani, pay shipping and export fees...and you're up over a hundred bucks. And a two week delivery. I took the rifle down to the gunsmith to install it and see if Bubba had done anything else I needed to get fixed... and it turned out to be the wrong hammer. I tried to get them to send me another one on their dime this time, and I would send the wrong one back on mine... but they ignored me. I would have made an issue of it but back then I still had a life and very little time. The gunsmith was able to make the old hammer work so I just wrote the whole experience off as a learning experience and let it go.

Fast forward. Two weeks ago I ordered a new cylinder hand for my revolver pictured above. I had a parts diagram. I had a part number. I told them it was a Uberti, NOT a Pietta. I told them it was the 1860 Army, NOT the 1851 Navy. What do I get?

QTY. 1 ONLY     1851 HAND FLAT SPRING       $4.00 

SHIPPING                                                                $15.00

EXPORT AES DIRECT FILING FEE                    $20.00


I am on the phone as soon as they open and I am not letting this one drop. These guys must have a very vibrant and diverse work environMINT because even a harelip retard should be able to get 50% of his orders right.

Such are the trials and tribulations of the old gunclub duffers and stubfarts.

If you have one of these guns - don't risk it. When it binds, just shut it down and either clean it or take it home and clean it. Go about 30 rounds max. to be on the safe side.

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    *Taos should read Tejas.

    And yes, it shoots fine now, right to point of aim.