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Thursday, 2 September 2021

I, For One - Am Very Concerned


I think we'll have to round up the tards and bring Vicki in.
You know the drill, men: paddy wagons, attack dogs, billy clubs
and rubber bullets.
Gawd only know how many pickles and veggies she has
canned and frozen...

I am seriously beginning to think the tards could run this country better than
the clowns.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm in big trouble. I just finished processing tomatoes. I froze sauce and crushed tomatoes, made two batches of salsa, and dehydrated a bunch. I'll understand if you don't want me to read your blog anymore.

  2. I’ll be watching you very carefully young lady!!! You are on my list!!!😡

    But you’ll have to wait, I’m afraid. After we beat up poor Vicki and take her into custody, we have to go over to TB’s and stomp all over his garden before he harvests it. He has been seen slinking around those far-right extremists that hang out at the farmer’s markets… ☠️

    Surely this has to be a joke? Can you imagine a job where you are paid to beat up old ladies with too much food, busting the chops of teens playing ball at the park without a surgical mask, and punishing gardners?

    I’m serious. We should surround and cut off the big shitlib cities and seal it off for 30 days. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out. Some folks need a serious dose of reality…

    1. That's PRECISELY what needs to happen, Glen. After thirty days of "Planet of the Apes", most of our problems would resolve themselves.