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Friday, 10 September 2021

I Went Off My Meds Again


And I’m afraid my Tourette’s got the best of me…


  1. And that's how I feel about it all......

  2. I get the same feeling. I also get traffic Tourettes when I drive in busy traffic (yelling profanities and other drivers and traffic lights that turn red). Oh, I also get Television Tourettes (shouting profanities at the TV talking heads, etc.) I quit watching TV.

    1. ROTFLMAO! Yeah, that's me too, Quartermain. Only I get traffic Tourettes even out here in the hinterland.
      It never fails. I'll have the entire road to myself, not a car in sight. Except for that guy on that side road coming up to the intersection. Then the asshole will run the stop sign to get out in front of me - never mind that there is a gap the size of Nebraska behind me - and then he'll poke along 20mph slower.