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Saturday, 4 September 2021

I’m Not An HD Guy

 But if I was...

This morning we went out for a burn in the countryside to on the way out to Nisku for breakfast. It wasn't too cold, and the yellows and reds are starting to pop up amidst the green.

Big Red laid down on me today. We stopped for a cigar and some banter, and afterward, he wouldn't start. I was sure the CPU had brain locked, or a relay was gone... But Big Al was sharp as a hawk and saw an arc on the positive battery terminal. I'd just swapped the batteries out in the spring and didn't notice any oxidation there... but there was some now. Al cleaned off the terminals, and Red sparked right up and ran like a top'

Al is working again and is happier at the new job in a junior position that fills his days and keeps him sane. I'm glad to see him happy...he has had a tough go of it for the last couple years and truly deserved a break.

Saturday mornings down get any better than this...


  1. sez there "video is unavailable"... must be a canuckiestanian only video...