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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Late Night Adventures In Hyperspace

So I’m all over JewToob watching the PhD eggheads and trying to get my head around higher dimensions and trying to visualize them. Been at it for darn near a year too. My mind instinctively recoils in horror at this thought exercise but I am slowly wrapping my mind around visualizing a cube in n-space… and slowly letting the tesseract concept settle. Then this Russian witch pipes up and goes, “Now imagine a sphere in the four dimensions…”

That’s a bloody donut!

Gawddammitalltohell!!!! What kind of sick and twisted mind can even see chit like this? How am I supposed to sleep, thinking about crap like that? How do you not think about it, when some cretin mentions something so utterly cracked? I have absolutely no sympathy when those nerds and bookworms get froshed at school and have their heads forced down the toilet and into garbage cans by the bullies. They damned well deserve it!!!

If you insist on thinking outside the box… surely there are more constructive ways to do it…?

Good lord…šŸ˜”


  1. Amazing, that the same nuts who ridicule believers about believing in a God that can't be seen, touched or felt believe in a lot of things that can't be seen, touched or felt.

  2. Reminds me of the Robert Heinlein story, "And He Built a Crooked House."