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Friday, 10 September 2021

Practice What You Preach

 I fear I have just made something of an ass of myself. 


I just got finished crapping all over TB at The Forty Five  for his wishy-washy approach to self defense. I frown on the pacifist moralizing about the morality of self defense. For whatever reason, it is beyond those people that wrap themselves up in airs of nobility for refusing to get violent - I get frustrated with them for not seeing that they are not only tolerating evil, they are actually encouraging it. Most of us know that criminals are predators. If you give them a meal, they will only come back, quite probably hungrier than they were before. You have to stand up to these guys and we are getting to the point with our gov'ts where enough is enough, and things may get very nasty. 

For all that bluster I am not really in a position to wield a weapon effectively myself. Oh, I am proficient on the range and can punch paper fairly well. As a kid I did alright against deer and moose, and I am proficient with basic bushcraft  and survival skills. But... I am not prepared for carrying and run n' gun scenarios. At all. And here I am, crapping on TB! If duels were still legal I'd be getting run through with a katana right now and rightfully so! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

I gotta stop talking about it, and get this holster situation in hand. Carrying a pistol is illegal in Canada. My attitude toward it is if things get so bad where I need a gun, I will damned well have one and the liberals can go suck a fart. Regardless of the liberal faggotry - if I every have to carry, it behooves me to do it safely and well. On the range my gun handling will satisfy the strictest range officer... but carrying...? When you watch real gunnies in competition, those guys are fast, accurate... and safe. That muzzle is always pointed at the target or a safe direction. When it's not in their hands, it's safed and in the holster. Pistols are incredibly easy to mishandle and take pratice to handle well. 

My home made holster isn't too bad. It's hell for stout, retains the gun securely enough...but it is made with saddle leather. It will give me blisters until it breaks in. I don't know if I am happy with the exposure of the grip... and fear an assailant could grab it if he took me unawares.

The plastic one on the Springer is not to my liking either. That is their Target Master and while the thing shoots like a dream and is deadly accurate... it's heavy with a lot of sharp edges. The idea of carrying it in Condition One (cocked and locked) on the hip gives me the willies. It's no big deal for an accomplished competitor or a law enforcement officer or a gunfighter... but I am none of those. Finally, I am clumsy and often bump into things, and these guns are going to get beat to hell on my hip in these rigs. I look at the local constabulary and their Glocks and plastic guns are battered and scarred from such collisions.

I think I may need to make a shoulder holster...? 

Regardless, I have A LOT of new skills I must learn to master. I'm afraid our world could be a much nastier place soon... and as always... it pays to be prepared.

Have a good Friday you guys and take care.


  1. I have some thoughts about this. I'll send them by pony express.

  2. The 1911 was originally specified to be carried C&L by the Original Customer. Intended for cavalry use, among others, it was intended to be used one-handed while managing a nag. A feature to hold the safety lever in safe position could easily be added to a holster, especially if it's a big honker like the one in the picture.

  3. Galco Miami Rig will work.
    I usually carry something smaller than either of those. Good luck with your search.

  4. The holster looks good Glen! Great Job!

    Friend, in the unlikely actual event of a duel, I suspect it would aiuchi - we would both kill each other. So once again, we would be square.

  5. a loop of leather over the hammer work. also look into a technique for retaining a weapon should someone grab it in the holster. basically you clamp down on their hand and twist your body breaking or at least trapping their wrist in place, while striking their face/eyes and swinging upwards hyper extending their elbow. it works.

  6. You SHOULD embrace the Glock for what it is, an affordable, efficient, heavy duty, work horse. It's expendable and replaceable. The worst accuracy I've from a Glock was still very good a 25 yds. I didn't like them either, until I found out they went through hundreds of thousands of rounds without breakages as range rental guns. Glock also did an effective publicity stunt, dropping the competitions guns from a helicopter at 300ft. All disabled except the Glock. They took the Glock back up, but this time to 600 ft. Upon inspecting it after impact, was found to have seperated at the back mold seam, but functioned flawlessly. Might not want to bring it home to Mom, but you could do much worse with something less engineered for abuse. My EDC G19 from '90ish is accurate, reliable and ugly. Of course I have a 1911.