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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Stupid Fights


The other day I was making my way across the Tard-O-Sphere, crapping on the blogs hither and yon. In calmer waters I came across one of my fellow Special Ed students thinking about the growing state of tyranny that our rulers are jonesing for. In the comments - it was inevitable - one of the intellectuals pipes up and goes, “But what about all the GOOD things tyrants do?” He was serious.

The battle reflex was instant; my semantic.45 was out of its holster, my sights were trained on that moronic retard, my focus was narrowing as the sight picture squared up and my finger began the controlled squeeze… and then I let up, my concentration dissolved… and I lowered my intellectual sidearm. I thought it over … and the gun was out again and coming up again to bear on its target… and this time I forced myself to stand down. Some folks aren’t worth the bullet it takes to shoot them, and some folks ain’t worth arguing with. I was actually astonished with myself… I must be getting old. 

The other tards piled on and beat him up and that was fun… but I was just too damned tired to join in. Every single day there’s some retard, queer, shitlib, or some other clueless f-tard jumping on my hot buttons, trying to provoke a response.  What in hell am I doing fighting with such stupid people? I’m like Pavlov’s dogs, responding thoughtlessly the same way, to the same people with the same stupid shite. 

I need a break. If from here on out, shooting retards and morons is something to be done only for sporting purposes, and only to those tards that have gone to the effort to earn the privilege and the expenditure of ammunition.



  1. I agree. Some turds just not worth the effort to let them raise your blood pressure.

  2. I've found that if I'll wait until others respond ,most often someone will slap the moron for me. Replying to the Patriot with a
    Thanks for keeping me from having to type that
    Is lots easier. In the decades of watching, connecting dots,trying to develop the view of a disinterested observer rather than a participant, it's become obvious that changing the world view of an adult is damn near impossible. How these people can have such attitudes and Their Truths is mind meltingly complicated.

    Lefty says

    Trump vaccine? Who's going to take that? I'm not!

    Then they wonder where Vaccine Hesitancy came from.

    You Trumpers are a brain washed cult. Whatever Trump says, you do!

    NOTE. TRump is and has been a proponent of The Jab.
    Who do lefties say aren't getting The Jab?

    You guessed it. EEEEVILL Trumpers!

    Trump was Booed for pushing the vaccine.

    Everyone knows brainwashed cult members boo the leader.

    Yeah, they hold all of that conflicting shit in one bucket, can't explain any of it
    But YOU'RE the moron.

    Fix That, go ahead, I'm just gonna watch.

    1. Chinkypox is now a religion, and only the approved chosen few may practice it.

      I actually saw some lefty pinhead spinning it the opposite way: if you think the jab is a case of ‘my body, my choice’ - then you are a hypocrite if you oppose abortion.

      I my get egged for it but I wish Trump was on the job right now, and not Tater Joe…

  3. "Some folks aren’t worth the bullet it takes to shoot them, and some folks ain’t worth arguing with."

    Quote of the day

  4. Do I fall into the Special Education category? Man, I have finally been promoted.

    Glen, one of the thing that I have learned from training in Iai is that every challenge is not a life of death struggle. It can be of course: people will do what people will do and of course one will should be ready, with a hand on the hilt (trigger in your case), ready to draw if needed. But ready to draw is not the same as needing to draw. And sometimes if we are always ready to draw, we needlessly create a kerfuffle where one is not needed (yes, I used the word kerfuffle for a sword or gun fight).

    1. HAR HAR HAR! TB... I saw that and just vapour locked. I didn't know whether to laugh or weep. Thankfully Pete and STxAR were around to take care of things in a sporting manner. I will just say I think our miscreant earned his lumps, and possibly the bullet (or a fond swipe of the katana) as well, HAR HAR HAR!!!

      You are of course, entirely correct. Were you born with that wisdom and restraint? Good lord, I think of all the time my emotions and mouth ran away with me and I ... GAH. I have been a fool too. Perhaps somebody (non-retarded) should but a bullet behind my ear! :)

      No, you are not a special ed student, despite your admirable efforts. I know you will be heartbroken but it is kind to be cruel at such times and... you just don't measure up (or down, in this case). Sorry.

    2. Glen, I was hardly born with any of the wisdom or restraint I may be perceived to possess. It was a long row to hoe of 30 plus years of falling on my face and getting myself tied into knots and fighting losing battles and not asking why I was fighting them.

      I appreciate the honorable mention.

  5. " ...some folks ain’t worth arguing with. ..." That's why I quit going to Wirecutter's place. He was usually good for a laugh, but the morons were everywhere. I got in an argument with some lamebrain who insisted that if Trump would just form a third party, we could all vote for him next time and everything would be fine. His response to my logical reply was to start name calling and personal attacks. I just gave up on the whole mess.

    1. I love the Knuckle Dragger and I have absolutely no idea why. We couldn't be more different aside from our stance on rights and freedoms. Outside of that I would call him a long haired degenerate and he'd call me a tight arsed (fill in the derogatory blank) - and he'd probably have the better of it in saying so. I like his associates too. You have to remember that guys like him and BP and the Feral Irishman get millions of visitors a year and demographically speaking - at least 13% or more are going to be clinically defined as retards - unlike their slightly smarter brethren here, HAR HAR HAR!

      Embrace your critics, UO... and ignore your haters. I try to do that but I am seldom successful.