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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Tard Trading

Oh my gawd. Thanks to a generous visitor I have found the most entertaining site in the world. It's a neighbourhood buy n' swap starring the most retarded vendors you could ever ask for. They and anything else can be found at! Examples abound:

Qty. 1 Only     Buggered up .45 seating die, $75.00. Call BP in Florida at 555-XXX-XXXX

Qty. 6 Ea.     Lot of 6 burnt out light bulbs. Sold individually ($55.00 each) or as a lot ($700.00),                                 contact Mad Jack in Texas, 800-EAT-MEEE

Qty. 1 Only    Slightly used large breast. Call Pete F between 11:59 and 12:00 PM.  Serious enquiries                          only, no low ballers please.

I'm not kidding either, guys are getting on there trying to buy and sell junk and prices are top dollar and value is in the basement! 

I should put Mort up for sale on that site, HAR HAR HAR!!! I really like this one:

It's a BB gun!!! I want it!!!
Shut up and take my money!!!

I should divest myself of credit cards and cheques will I still have a scintilla of
intellect left...


  1. That's a nice BB gun, but I'd probably get shot by a cop if I ever took it outside of the house.

  2. Nah that's nothing... not until someone lists some used drywall for sale.