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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

That's It. I Am Going To Get Vaxxed


And then afterwards, I will go beat up Jack, Pete, and Quartermain ... 

all at the same time! HAR!

I wonder if that will be the next step in this hoax? "Take the vax to restore regularity and balance the humours! Secondary effects cure shakes and shingles! Tertiary effects cleanse the colon and small intestine!!! Take the regular booster shots to maintain shiny hair and soft skin!

And, because I live in Canada where money grows on trees, I will get PAID to take the shot - 100 bucks a pop! How's that for a retirement income scheme...?


  1. ...After the tenth jab... Contact your physician if your erection lasts longer than thirty days...

    1. An added boner... BONUS: I will have a leg up on the social pisstancing contest!!!


  2. Possible side effects include regrowth of hair (which would be more than enough for me to stand in line three times), increased libido in both men and women, and weight loss due to appetite suppressant.