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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Troll Of The Year

Gawd, I love Blab. The humour, the rude jokes, and the trolls are to die for. They've had everyone from the POTUS on down spitting and gobbing in rage at their antics and pranks.


Did a black supremist write this? Or a black baboon?
Or some white wank with a lethal sense of humour and a penchant for
practical jokes?

We may never know...

I was on OyTube awhile back watching a vid about early human development. In those early days modern humans supposedly lived in racial harmony with Neanderthals, Denisovans, and other Neolithic and Mesolithic apes and gibbons. The narrator of the vid went all in on the nigolatry, flogging the point that the first Europeans were blacks - ‘take that, you dirty white supremists!!!’

I couldn’t help myself, I pooped in the comments making the point that farming, writing, the wheel and architecture didn’t come about until they turned white. If they hadn’t turned white, they’d still be black cavemen sitting around scratching their arses, living in mud huts and trying to catch fish out of a trash filled river.

For some reason that didn’t go over well. Oh well, in these days of revisionist history, relative truths and canned narratives - you use your historical sources, and I’ll use mine. 😉👍


  1. I'm sure the residents of Wakanda also know the truth of Yakub.
    They're both fantasies to shore up blacks

  2. some dickhead in Australia is trying to claim that the nomadic hunter gatherer abos were an advanced agricultural society, with vast herds of cattle, (that did not exist on the continent till the English brought them here), and vast fields of grain and huge graineries that the white man took for themselves. This from a culture that never invented the wheel and are too lazy to stack two rocks on top of each other to make a seat. The "race" that never progressed beyond "burned sticks".
    Their "land management skills" are lauded by all and sundry, this is the skill of setting fire to vast tracks of forest, then following the flames eating anything cooked that couldn't outrun the fire, or clubbing things with burned feet that couldn't get away from their persuers, while drinking from now uncovered water sources. When there is nothing left to eat or club, set fire to the next patch of forest. This practice was done so much, the plants adapted that now, the only way their dropped seeds germinate is after a fire burns them awake.

  3. Oh yeah.

    And the same thing happens up here in Canada. The official line is that our First Nation people are valuable contributors to Canada’s Great Cultural Mozaic, who cherish and safeguard the environMINT, and live in peace with Bambi and all the creatures of the forest.

    HAR HAR HAR - those red niggers overfish their quotas by at least 300%! They sell fish with poisonous mercury levels to the chinks, and then they get sick from them. They get pished up and when they aren’t burning their own houses down, they burn the forests down like the abos in Australia. To notice any of that is to commit a racism.

    The “Out Of Africa” theory is starting to take on water, I guess. The archeologists are seeing the other protohumans arising in lands far away from Africa and are wondering if today’s humans didn’t do the same. The fossil records flat out do not support the idea of black Euros.

  4. I laugh at the urban city dwellers - the red-headed, green eyed, white-skinned city-based "abo-smidge-ines" - claiming an "unbreakable connection to their land". Deadly.