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Tuesday, 20 December 2022

And Hell Follows With Them


Oh sure…they look soooo cute, don’t they? These  li’l buggers barely have their eyes open… but don’t be fooled. These little bastards are more destructive than black teenagers! They are capable of demolition work that would make a friggin Marine jealous! 

Back in the Before Times, my daughter and I had our own cats. Mine was a black long haired retard that I captured in the hay stack. Because he was retarded, he was just the perfect domestic lap cat. My daughter’s cat was special. He loved the women and fought with the guys. He loved my daughter and was always messing about in her arts and crafts and gently teasing and playing with her. When he wasn’t doing that, he waged war on me and Sinker The Retard. I dunno how many gallons of blood I lost. The house would shake when the cats wrestled. They tore down Christmas trees, opened presents and ate others…and were a complete, total PITA. 

They’ve been gone 15 or 20 years now… and I still miss them terribly sometimes. 😂👍


  1. I'm sure there is a purpose in domesticated cats, but from what I've seen, their purpose is to thrive on humans for food, if things really get bad.

  2. A lot of truth in what you said. Catz are the Debbo !! One of our now four (4!!) indoor cats bit me last year and caused a skin infection that took over six months of wound care (including oxygen hyperbaric tank treatment) that cost a bit over a $1000 out of pocket cost to me.

    And it was just an innocent little playful nip that took less than a second to inflict. Venom it must be ...

    Each of the four have distinct personalities. Alex is the king who pushes over items on the counter just to watch them fall. No fear in his bones, he will leap into a room and investigate whatever he finds interesting. Layla is the smaller cat that institgates fights, than cries when the larger kick her butt. She is the one who will sit against me when I surf the internet on the couch for protection.
    Mimzy will eat nearly anything. She will bite through plastic to get to bread. She will eat potato chips. Rather friendly though, which she uses to get close to your food to investigate. Sabrina is the old cat - 17 human years. She is rather arthritic, is missing an upper fang and sleeps the majority of the time, at least 16 hours a day. But when fed, she is the only cat that will meow 'Thanks'.

  3. Cat of 22 years died last Friday. Didn't think I cared that much.

  4. Cats are only useful if kept outside and occasionally into the basement to kill rodents.
    Other than that, if left to their own devices (which always happens, they're untrainable) they will destroy and contaminate everything you own, including furniture.
    Their excrement also has been studied as one of the causes of elderly disease such as Alzheimers and Dementia.