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Sunday, 25 December 2022


Well I hope y’all had a really great day. I hope the peace was kept, and maybe some bridges were maybe built and not burned. Pop made it home for Christmas and was a little emotional when we saw him yesterday. He’s been in the hospital for 95 days or so. He has a walker for booting around the house, and Mom bought him a fancy all terrain one with brakes for outside when the snow and ice retreats. We managed a short visit but as we were leaving the neighborhood folk found out he was home and started dropping in to see him and wish him well. 

Mom was mom but it didn’t matter. We dropped off small gifts and left. The whole thing might have been a scene out of a Wonderful Life where all the characters get together for the happy ending. The King is back in his castle. We went home and I brushed Mort out and had a Christmas drink of Balvennie Doublewood Scotch. 

I haven’t been in the liquor cabinet in ages; I largely don’t drink anymore… so I took inventory. I have about 8 or 10 bottles left. At the rate I am drinking now, that could well last me the rest of my life. 

2 Connemara

1 Cardhu

1 Highland Park

1 Blended Canadian Whisky

1 Early Times Tennessee Whisky

1 Makers Mark

1 Ardbeg

1 Auchentaushen

If I want to have another drink I will have to open another bottle. The Balvennie lasted four years. I’ve never been a fan of Balvennie but I got it as a gift. It only had one drink left in it and I polished it off… and I rather enjoyed it. I wonder if my tastes are changing again? Flapz is into the Christmas spirit, he got hung over on Old Pultney which is a passable make…and he got a bottle of Jura which - in my refined and cultured taste… is right up there with Lysol or lighter fluid. I dunno if I will have another drink today or just put it off until cigar time in the summer.  Once that last bottle goes… I am probably done drinking for good. With the lunatics in my life forgiven and forgotten I just don’t need to drink anymore.

We are supposed to have some warmer weather coming in…so I might sneak out to the lake and see if the Turd Bird flies. It will be hairy; a maiden flight with a new plane…off skis and snow…? Oh boy. I expect a fiasco!  For all you that had time to stop in today…thanks for coming by. Hold your people close, be safe, warm and well.



Careful, Santa!!! 
Like most of the tards round here, I doubt he is fully potty trained!!!
He may leave something nasty in your lap!


  1. I love the Maker's Mark but you should try Blanton's!

  2. Merry Christmas My friend!!! Was a hectic Christmas Here but I do believe sitting here this night with my wood furnace pumping out the heat it ended well.

  3. I'm glad your dad got to come home. I can't imagine being in a horsepistol that long. I was in for 3 days once and I felt I was in a stalag or gulag. That man will need rehab, mentally and physically.

    It was quiet here. Sole survivor quiet.

  4. Bless your heart filthy, and a Happy Boxing Day to you and yours, ya hoser!
    That double wood is some good chit

  5. Merry Christmas (late) Glen - ours was excellent; first real Christmas for the new Daughter-in-law. Very enjoyable trying to see it all through her eyes.

  6. Merry Christmas, Glen. You thought the bottle of Jura to be "right up there with Lysol or lighter fluid"?!? Wait'll you pull the cork on that Ardbeg! The Ardbeg offerings would likely strip spar varnish. They're the smokiest, peatiest of the Islay drams in my humble opinion. My favorite though, is the Caol Ila 18 year.
    Cheers !

  7. Merry Christmas Glen! Stay safe whatever you decide.