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Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Have Yourself A Filthie Little Festivus: Last Toon Of The Day

 If you are a dweller of Tranna like Bruce Cockburn that is a Wiccan or a christian-hating shitlib and is offended by the idea of a Merry Christmas - fuck you! I hope you fall down 20 flights of stairs - and roll out into the street and get caught up in the augers of a passing snow blower! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!! Merry Christmas, shithead! HAR HAR HAR!!!

It's -31C today, quarter to three in the afternoon... and the sun is going down, supposed to set at 4:15 today. It's probably not going to be the coldest night of the year... but it will be the longest. After today... the days will get slowly longer. 

This is an old toon - I actually saw ol' Bruce the other night on TV somewhere and he looks like a skinny,  elderly faggot with a bad case of HIV. He did crack out one or two good songs in his career - and this is actually one of his best. 

It only gets better from here, folks. Stoke up the fireplace, maybe savour an adult beverage, or indulge in a high calorie snack. Snuggle up close to someone who needs it.



  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the fucking shitlibs who are offended by the sentiment. I say Merry Christmas every chance I get, I refuse to say happy holidays. Hope I’m pushing their buttons.

  2. Never heard of this joker but he has a cool last name.