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Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Humpday Music

Uncle Bob used to say there’s nothing new under the sun. There’s nothing worth getting excited about. There is no debauchery, no outrage, no perversion that hasn’t been done before - many, many times. Nothing is worth getting overly concerned about. Might as well fiddle with Nero as Rome burns. 

Nero is often cast as a fool that didn’t understand priorities. I can only say that to burn a city the size of Rome… it takes a whole lot of people that didn’t have their priorities right. How smart is it to blame one man for it all? And hells bells - he tried to make beautiful music while his fellows chimped out and burned and raped and murdered. Was he mad? Or did he have insight into the human condition that eludes us to this day? Every time you turn around, some pin head is whining that Trump is burning down America… as they pour gasoline and black powder out everywhere and fidget with their Bics.

Is there something this kid can teach us?

If I understand things correctly as they are saying now… Nero didn’t actually fiddle while the imperial city burned. Nor was he responsible for the blaze. 


  1. The bomb effects look like training rounds small explosion using some kind of powder. The soldiers werent blown up. The one looks at himself then lays on his back. Looks like more Uke propaganda film.

  2. Absolutely right, Glen. It's not Trump, or Biden, or Trudeau (as much as I despise that loathsome sack of buffalo shit) burning society down. They're just doing what they do. Might as well get pissed at an unhousebroken puppy for pissing on the rug.

    It's *US* burning everything down. We're fuckin' doing it. The people who voted for and enabled it (lookin' mainly at YOU, affluent 'progressive' white liberal scumbags), the people who are still asleep and don't pay any interest to it (virtually everyone else), and the people who know it's a problem but mostly sit around and do fuck all (which is mainly a good chunk of the folks in our camp). Although, to be fair to the latter bunch, given that things have hit critical mass, there's jack and shit that can be done to stop any of it.

    Aw, fuck it. Bust out the weenies and the marshmallows and let the prick burn. Maybe the survivors and inheritors of what's left won't be *as* stupid, next go around...

  3. That mini-rant was my post, by the way....forgot to log in before posting, like a drooling idiot.

    1. Welcome to the vast and growing club. Even if you didn't get jabbed, you can get it from those that did. Drooling idiot syndrome, that is.
      Tree Mike

    2. Good to see you back in the world JL. We’re you ever able to go forward with a lawsuit over the jab, BTW? Given all the ensuing myocardial problems cropping up…I’d think you’d be set up for one hell of a suit!

    3. @ TreeMike: so I hear. Not worried about it, since I've relished treating the jabbed the way they've treated me over the last year. 'Do unto others...' no?

      @Glen: lawsuit is still before the courts....for now. Government lawyer jackals are trying to get the case thrown out. Hasn't happened....yet. Won't surprise me if it does, if only because it'd be one more example of how corrupt this goddamn country is. Then again, anything is possible. If the lawsuit goes ahead, it will be heard next month.

      More info on that here, if you're interested:

  4. on pbs [public bull shit] an idiot [history expert] was interviewed.
    he posited that rome was burned by Christians, a group least likely to have done it. by these lights perhaps antifas are all Christians??