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Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Intel Slava

Some of you are asking for links to Intel Slava for more info on the Kraine - and you can’t find any or see it on YouTube. That’s because they are on Telgram. I’m not a computer geek or IT expert but as far as I know, it is a free speech utility of some sort that can’t be censored or controlled by govts the way mainstream websites can. It’s available as an app and once you have it you will have access to Intel Slava and other channels that operate right out of the Kraine. You will see the stuff our mass media censors and doesn’t want you to see.

The usual caveats and weasel words apply, I’m afraid: just like the regular media…you can’t trust anything here either. There are people grinding axes and driving agendas. There’s liars, monsters, jews, depraved, and deluded people on there with cameras and a megaphone. You can’t trust anything you see or hear until you vet your info and fact check it with other sources. I am a war nerd so I installed the Telegram app and searched for a handful of channels.

Intel Slava is a Russian sympathizer’s channel. Everything there is going to be biased and suspicious. But…you will see the stuff that parrots like Comrade Misfit and General Aesop won’t. You will hear Putler’s speeches and see what he has to say…rather than trusting some filthy jew or faggot to tell you hat he said. You’ll see Ukrainian nazis, war crimes, and failures in photos and vids. You will hear what the Russians want to say, rather than what Globohomo says they said.

The Russians are not squeamish about their wins and losses either. You will see the action through their eyes. Below the fold, you’ll see an example of Intel Slava’s work. If you can’t handle disturbing graphical detail…you’ll want to avoid the material below the fold and on Telegram. It can get really nasty at times.

Last chance - don’t go any further unless you have the stomach for it.

I’m a farm kid so to me blood and guts are things I’ve seen before.

These are the guys I was asking about in the earlier poast. Their gear looks first rate to me, they seem to be provisioned better than the average Uke squaddie… and for their part, the Russians seem to be tickled pink for potting these guys.

So…whaddya think? Are the Ukes feeding the last of their elite  soldiers to the Russian meat grinder?

I dunno. I figure that if you are going to go to war with someone and try to kill them… the least you can do is listen to them and try and understand them. Our leaders today clearly don’t … and I think that is going to hurt us all more than we will ever know.

Sign up on Telegram. Join Gab. Be a dissident and become ungovernable. Our leaders are no longer our friends.


  1. Truer words...communists have taken control all over the globe. Amerika and Kanada are no exception. This is a winner take all event and we are losing at a fast pace. Fight or die. Or live on your knees.

  2. I dunno. I've seen crime scene photos and there was lots more blood from gunshot or stabbing victims. Maybe it was so cold the wound froze over.

  3. Glen, your problem is that you are looking at their weapons out of context. Yes, their gear is impressive, for urban fighting. They are out in the woods where they should have high caliber long rifles. They aren't likely to be engaging the enemy within 50 to 100 meters out in the woods or fields like they would in an urban setting.

  4. have sent you more articles from ukie doctor
    who knows what's true?