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Saturday, 31 December 2022

The Future Is Filthie

 Well I dunno about you… but 2022 has just been a complete write-off as far as I’m concerned. I pretty much sat it out because getting involved and emotionally invested in it would have been a poor investment indeed! Pop went down in a bad fall and at his age, a broken arm and hip are bad business. Mom went batshit crazy but in spite of all that they are doing well, thank God. I help out where they let me. My efforts in the past year have been about holding the lunacy of our times at bay, and not letting it get into my personal space. Far better to stay at a distance and mock it.

2023 will probably be about continuing and growing lunacy and the bills coming due for it.  I could start ranting about Covid, Europe, diversity, the Kraine and all the other Current Things our ruling class has in store for us. But anyone who comes by this blog already knows about all that. How far can the bus go with loose lug nuts on the wheels? We can’t possibly know, all we CAN know is that those wheels WILL come off.

Most annoying are the optimists. “Oh, things aren’t that bad! SOMEBODY will step up and make things right!!!” Yes, someone absolutely will… eventually…. and when he does, at the rate we’re going…he is going to have to kill tens of thousands, possibly more… to impose any kind of order. The hell of it is, YOU were the guy that should have stepped up long ago to make things right. But… you didn’t want to start a fight, or hurt anyone’s feelings, or have a confrontation. Pick any excuse ya want… I used them all myself. Now I want to fedpoast, but even that brings risk in these dark days. And accomplishes nothing. We live in a time of casting away stones.

In 2023, many of us will quietly start to gather small pebbles, maybe smaller rocks, and start setting them aside for use in rebuilding something later on. Maybe you quit smoking, or start exercising, maybe you start encouraging others. Maybe you start reading the Bible…?  Maybe you can restore a broken relationship? It may be too late to save this culture we live in…but perhaps it’s enough to put something forward to those that will build on the ruins we leave behind? We may never live to see the great stones being gathered and shaped to make great monuments for a new great people. For now…one pebble at a time is good enough. It has to be.

All the best to you and yours in the new year! Take care of yourselves! 😊👍



  1. Well sir- you are a master of the pen. Happy New Year.

  2. May the new year bring you peace and serenity, if only in your local AO. Go fly the turd bird. Get those seegar plants growing (try some container gardening, so they can be moved in when need be). Tell your furfriends how much they mean to you.
    Yes, there are some subjects we do not discuss online, email, or over the smartass phone/spyware machine. OPSEC and all. There's little enough I can do about the evil mayhem at large, except to work on my own attitude, and pass the word to anyone who will hear it.

  3. Damn Glen. Your first sentence kinda wrapped the whole thing up in a tidy ball. I come by occasionally and groove with your blog. Keep it up, good sir. I and many others appreciate your time and commentary. Har- har- har
    Happy New Year