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Thursday, 22 December 2022

They’re Running Out Of Tanks!


That’s just one shipment.

From the Belarus. T72s and T90s. Apparently they’ve given 
Biden the finger and will ally with Russia if America gets stupid(er) about the war in the Kraine.
Of course, they have been in, in a plausibly deniable
way for months, just as the Brits, fwench, and Americans have. 

We are playing very stupid games, and will
most assuredly win stupid prizes
when the smoke clears.


  1. Tried to hide the city of origin. Send more soon please.

    Bear Claw

  2. I've seen Vids from Russian "Trainspotters" showing Freightyards filled with Military Loads. One said that the entire Rail System in Russia is now under control of the Army Transportation Corps (or russki equivalent) and Passenger Trains get Sidetracked frequently. Just the Ammo going to the 'Western Front' approaches 30,000 Tons a DAY.
    Much of that is 8-inch Howitzer Food, the Art'y is burning 20,000 Rounds a Day. In contrast, the entire Production of FUSSA Ammo Plants can't make that many in a MONTH.

    One Train had nothing but Flatcars stacked with the Ammo Containers for the Flame-Rocket Tanks. Look up the TOS-M1 System, and the Vids.

    One Vid showed three Trains leaving a Yard with maybe 300 Meteres between them. Two Diesels to the Front and one at the Rear; it was an entire Brigade with Trucks, Tracks, Fuel Tankers, Guns, APC's, Radio Vans, Wreckers and Kitchen Trucks, and Passenger Cars with the Troops. That unit can head to the Front 5 Minutes after Unloading that Trains.
    Also, Belarus has entered into an "Association" with Russia- combination of Free Trade/ Minimal Border Controls, and full Military Integration. Geographically, this lets the Red Army roll South along the Polish Border, cutting off Natostan from the Ukraine.

  3. How well has that worked out for Russia with the first 2000 they sent in?

    1. You tell me, A. We know for a fact the media has lied to us about everything since this war started. Previous to the war, my research shows that many analysts were agreed that the T90 was a viable match for the latest M1 Abrams variants. They are now saying “oh no, they are junk and fall apart even faster than the T72s!!!”. I simply don’t believe it - or anything else coming out of the govt or media right now.

      They seem to be sweeping the Ukes aside but that could be Russkie propaganda too…

  4. Any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan. Neither Zalensky not Biden are wearing their hats.