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Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Answers That No Longer Blow In The Wind…

If the Russians took California…would anyone notice?
Would anyone care?

Holy chit! Does anyone know who’s in charge of Ottawa?!?!

Funny how these things work, inninit?

Back in their day first wave Baby Boomers asked themselves and their 
parents the tough questions and held their feet to the fire when they couldn’t answer.
Nowadays these former peaceniks and pacifists
are flying Uke flags and pressing their leaders to send their own kids
to the ‘Kraine to fight and die for nothing.

Many of the answers no longer blow in the winds, I’m 
afraid. And they reflect very poorly on
the people that originally asked them.


  1. Peter Yarrow is a scum bag kid diddling rapist that needs his feet held to the fire.

    1. "In May 2021, The Washington Post wrote that "[Yarrow's] pardon by Carter — perhaps the only one in U.S. history wiping away a conviction for a sexual offense against a child — escaped scrutiny when it happened. It was granted just hours before the American hostages in Iran were freed, which captured headlines for weeks." The same article details other allegations of sexual assault of minors made against Yarrow."
      (from dickpedia)

  2. You need to make a correction. They aren't pressing to have their own kids sent to fight and die. They are pressing to have kids from lower income families sent to fight and die.