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Monday, 23 January 2023

Around 3~6 A Week By My Count…

You’ll see 3~6 of these a week on Blab.
Some obnoxious twatwaffle will show off their virtue by proudly vaxxing themselves, or
worse…their kids…gloat about it… and then die suddenly.
Much to the merriment and sport of internet wanks and retards.

Guys like Grant here aren’t bad. It’s the Covid fascists and zealots 
that get the worst treatment.
Some would say they deserve it.

 On Blab the wanks happily poast these things and celebrate them. The ones that generate the most fun are the ones where some militant carbunkle or Karen is on Twitter, beaking off about how antivaxxers should be rounded up and put in a concentration camp and tortured to death, and then her “died suddenly” obit poasted right after.  The worst one I saw was on twitter where some cankle blossom decided she’d be a big hero and protect her kid. She took selfie pics while the tot screamed and cried as little ones do with vaccination needles. She had on the mask and the crazy eyes thing going…and of course the kid died a week later. The wanks all swarmed and spammed her Twitter account with rude jokes and insults …and she closed it down and deleted it… but the screen caps were done and it’s out there, everywhere forever now. 

I can’t help it. I see wrongness in all this. Yeah, these people DO need a swift boot up the seat of the pants…but their real sin was trusting our leaders, authorities and institutions. Those things are a psychological need for women and a helluva lot of men. To admit they don’t work anymore is a huge mental step that a lot of people just can’t make. It’s damned scarey stuff.

I suppose ya gotta look at people like they’re cattle, eh? They get spooked, some old cow somewhere panics…and next thing ya know, the whole herd is barrelling down the plains at 100 MPH, and to hell with whatever’s in front of it. Losses are inevitable and you can’t cry about them, they’re just numbers on a spreadsheet.

By my reckoning…we’re just about due for another Current Thing. These are times where there is no safety in numbers. 


  1. One unnecessary death is a tragedy.
    One thousand is a statistic. Way past that now.

    Mostly agree, but some of those were also influencers themselves pushing the get vaxxed narrative. If they had a lot of followers then they are just as culpable as the administration even if done in ignorance. The whole covid narrative fell apart with Diamond Princess even before the unnecessary vax came out. But not many paid attention and now many are paying the ultimate price for that. And as far as trusting our "our leaders, authorities and institutions", well there's been plenty of evidence against doing that for decades. Caveat emptor.

    I (mostly) don't participate in the public scorn of those individuals posthumously, but then I was scorning them before they died.

    Steve S6

    1. Couple a good points in there Steve. People aren't thinking anymore. I wonder if it is because they won't, or that they can't...

    2. people never did much thinking but did not have to.
      common culture and mores formed a safety net which is now gone

  2. I bet Aesop was first in line. He got up at o' dark 30 got first in line. Then proceeded to run his piehole the rest of the day He told the lady giving him his clot shot what genius he was and that she was lucky to be giving this genius his shot.

    1. He was hilarious. At first he was screaming about how the sky was falling and we were all gonna die, how masks 'do so work, your retarded common core whiz kid' and that Covid would be an extinction level event. Then he shat his pants in rage when they came up with the magic bullet for his magic flu and insisted he take it or else. Then he denied everything afterward. The man is hilarious.

    2. GaeSlop is a midwit who acts like a half-wit thinking he's a full-wit. Wrote that Tzar Vlad the Bad was dumber than Napoleon and Hitler because under them Sweden and Finland didn't join ZOG-GATO then refused to publish my comment. And unlike hisself I actually was an artilleryman and with a lot bigger popguns to boot.

      GaeSlop is a hoot though. So is Comrade Cow-Cnut.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  3. All of the current bullshit comes down to one thing. Accountability. No one is held accountable anymore.
    I am taking great joy in the die off of malignant assholes that for years wished me persecuted or worse. Fuck em.
    And there should be no more "forgiveness". Don't tell me it's the Christian thing to do because it isn't. Nowhere in the Bible does it instruct us to lay down and submit to the enemies of God.
    I hope for a global Nuremburg type event, but it'll probably never happen, so instead I will gloat at the dying sheeple and shit on their graves with a beer in my hand.

    1. I certainly get it, DMM. And maybe you are right and I am wrong, I dunno. But Clown World is getting so dangerous now... it's rapidly going beyond rude jokes, satire, and cynicism. They are playing with fire now and we may shortly find ourselves having to kill them in very large numbers to put a stop to it. There is no way people this stupid can end anything well.

    2. I agree whole heartedly with DMM,. The "turn the other cheek" thing is for family and friends, for regular, minor issues, not for significant moral and or ethical issues.
      When the line crosses into abuse, that's a no go. There ARE appropriate grounds for homicide, not murder. The older I get, the more black and white, reality gets.
      Another thing to keep in the back of ones mind, is there are lots of shit, way worse than death. Like being skinned alive by Satanists, Islamist's, commies, cartels, cannibals or or communists, for one. Ya wanna hang on to yer skin, every chance you get.

    3. "....Kill them in large numbers..."

      There was never going to be a different way out of this mess, you know that, right?

  4. I wrote about this, ad nauseam, on my old blog...I do miss writing a lot. Maybe I'll get back into it in the near future. But I digress.

    There were people, like myself, who tried like hell to warn people what this all was. That the clot shot didn't work. That TPTB was overreacting to the virus and taking advantage of the situation for political ends. That we were destroying ourselves as a people, a nation, and a society. But alas....nobody that needed to hear and understand these things bothered to listen. Not one goddamn person.

    Nothing is free, Glen. Not even things like hubris, stupidity, or ignorance. Especially not those things. I said it before and it's still true today: I won't gloat or relish in the results of people's bad judgment, even if they tried to impose that bad judgment on people like me and my family. But sympathy? That will be given out very sparingly and on a case-by-case basis. That's just the way it is, and if it makes me a bad person, well...I'll be ready to have that conversation with the Man Upstairs, when he sees fit for it.

    1. What blows me away JL is that this shouldn't have even been an issue. I mean hell's bells, it should have been obvious to everyone that bugs don't propagate the way Covid magically did, that masks and social distancing was kabuki theatre... and that the politicos were way over the line. And that the doctors themselves were full of shite.

      Nobody should have fallen for this. If you ARE stupid enough to fall for it, the question is... what else will you fall for? And how many lives will that cost...?

    2. Oh and yes - you should re-start that blog…

    3. You're right about that. It was obviously a sham, but not even because of the detractors - you could see it just in what the establishment was saying and how they constantly shifted the goalposts to suit them.

      Being duped is one thing, however. Being willfully ignorant is quite another. I'll never forget the argument I got into with my corporal at the detachment, just a couple of days before I walked out the door over Trudeau's fucking mandates. I had to explain to this guy, almost Barney style, that the mandates are an egregious breach of the law. I had to explain to a man who had been a police officer for nearly 20 years that, in Canada, there are very specific rules and laws based in the Charter and Case Law dictating what we can and cannot do to a person in police custody, which exist BECAUSE the Charter itself is a document that places limitations on what the state can and cannot do to any citizen. By abiding by these mandates, we, as police officers, are effectively breaking the law and THAT alone is reason enough to not abide by them. Nevermind the fact that in our very oath, we are sworn to only obey LAWFUL orders and have no obligation to carry out orders and directions that are not.

      That all went in one ear and out the other, not because he was 'duped' but because he was a fucking coward that didn't have the balls to spit in the fan. Even worse still was that this particular guy was already an awful person before the shenanigans with the scam-demic started and all this did was give him an excuse to be an even bigger prick. Someone told me COVID brought out the worst in people - I disagree. I think all it did was take off the mask. The horrible shit you saw from people - be they friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or family - this was already there all along.

      But that is ONE group of guys I will not show any quarter to - the cops and even soldiers in this country that just blindly followed orders. Even when I wore green, one of the first lessons we learned in boot was that we had no obligation to follow an unlawful order. So even they should have known. extend your impeccable line of thinking, Glen: if these cops/soldiers are willing to break the law for a lie such as this, is it a stretch to believe that they wouldn't break any other laws if some overpaid dickhead in a suit with faggy socks told them to? Where the fuck would they draw the line?

      It was the world's biggest Milgram experiment.

    4. "The horrible shit you saw from people - be they friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or family - this was already there all along."
      Too true! For too many years people have been allowed to act like complete assholes without getting shot in the face. It's the zero accountability and the lack of consequence.
      Probably started when they banned spanking.

    5. "I mean hell's bells, it should have been obvious to everyone that bugs don't propagate the way Covid magically did, that masks and social distancing was kabuki theatre... and that the politicos were way over the line. And that the doctors themselves were full of shite."

      This! I had an argument with what I thought were reasonable, though left leaning, educated friends.... Mask don't stop viral infection. Pointed them to multiple sudies posted on the website. One showed that all masks tested from n95 to cloth, had *NO* measureable effect on infectivity *except* for cloth masks.... they had an effect... they *increased* infectivity. The most rational response I ever got was silence. Severely damaged the relationship.

      Reason is dead. Reason is "systemic white racism" now. Argument is not how we can proceed.

  5. Part of the problem is that the vaxers do not know just what is a vaccine. A true vaccine will protect you from contracting whatever the vaccine is for. It also will prevent you from spreading the same. If you take a vaccine it does not matter if anybody else takes it or not, you are protected. As for the Corona virus. They have been researching for a vaccine since 2002 and have nothing. Dr Fuchi has said that it takes a minimum of 6 years to bring out a new vaccine IF everything goes well. There is not and never has been and likely will never be an actual covid19 vaccine.

  6. So I grew up with George Carlin. Rule #1, I don't believe anything the government tells me. So I don't. If the gov't told me the sun rises in the east, I get a compass and an alarm clock an check for myself. Check this out, just because some highly paid psychopath cocksucker in a government issued lab coat says something, doesn't make it true.
    Before the shot were out I knew, 1) There has never been a successful injection and some of the experiments ended with most or all the subjects dying, 2) that this wasn't a vaccine as defined by before they changed it, 3) the fatality rate for healthy people with no comorbidity was exceedingly low.
    So just those 3 nuggets of information was all I needed to know to pass. Just those three. That they changed the definition of vaccine and kept moving the goalpost for success just cemented for me that I made the right decision.
    So I don't have any sympathy for the Scott Adams and the dead virtue signaling adults. I'd like to take a nasty shit on their graves. The information was out there. And if thier software is too compromised from sucking the cock of authority and fear of ostricastion, fuck them.
    The deaths of the children do bug me. Because they are supposed to have people looking out for them. So if you are one of those parent that gave your kid the shot, I hope you suffer the rest of your life because you fucking Earned it with a capital E.
    By the way, that was me dogpiling of Aesop above. Because if there is anyone that needs dogpiled on that shining example of Dunning-Krueger. (Russia blew up its own pipleline...Jesus that level of retardation should hurt.)

    "Nowhere in the Bible does it instruct us to lay down and submit to the enemies of God. "

    Amen Brother. Nor does it say that hating evil is a sin. For example, hating some psychopath that would chop off a little girls tits before she is an adult is not a sin.

  7. "some old cow somewhere panics"

    What a sexist, speciest, dentalist, ableist, mysogynist, melatonists, omnivorist, probably a scumbag Kansas City Chiefist, racist, supremecist, pineapple-on-pizzaist remark to make about Stacey Abrams.

    1. Sob... you take that back about the pineapple!!! Take it back!!!!

  8. I still do not understand why people were willing to take untested redefined vaccines produced by the same people that openly espouse lamentations about this planet being over populated. And then act all surprised when people start falling over dead suddenly. My magic rock and tin foil hat protect me better than any vaccine made in the last 30 years.

  9. Wow. What a wonderful post and comment thread. That's why I keep coming to this esteemed forum. There are blogs I read that get three hundred or a thousand comments on every post, and I don't even bother to join the discussion.
    As for the subject at hand, I agree with all of the above. I have just finished reading Dr. Robert Malone's new book "Lies My Gov't Told Me", and I highly recommend it. I'm about halfway through Alex Jones book on The Great Reset, and I can say that he writes very well too.
    Dr. Malone is beyond steamed at what TPTB have tried to do to him, and he's now on a mission to fight back. If you don't know what 5GW Warfare is, you need to get caught up on the subject. He is learning on the fly how to fight the propaganda and psyops machine and his Substack is well worth subscribing to.

  10. Glen, we don't mock the poor fools who fell for the propaganda and died because we hate them. We do it in the hope that others will notice, and learn from their mistakes, or at least fear being mocked. If it saves one life...