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Friday, 20 January 2023


Good grief, if I were flying that egg beater…let’s just say the stains would
NEVER come out!!!

The jet fighter guys are the worst. The drive around up on the deck 
and have wings and noses hanging
over the side with the water 100 ft below and that
is a pant chitter too!

No thanks.



  1. like most people I guess, I did a lot of dumb things in the military that I would not do today. like climb up a troop ladder into one off those egg beaters in the rain , at night. it is better if you do not look down
    while climbing up into it either. 50-80 feet doesn't sound like much
    but when you almost to the top. DO NOT LOOK DOWN.

  2. It looks scary, but look at the number of tie-downs securing that chopper.

  3. It takes a special form of insanity to work day in and day out on a carrier.

  4. Look at where it's at and the number of tie-downs holding it in place. It's on an elevator either on it's way up to the flight deck or on it's way down to the hangar deck. What?? Did you think they *flew* that helicopter to that spot?

    1. Have you ever seen those horrible little elves that run around on the flight deck? They dance and cavort around the aircraft like poppinjays doing a mating dance, and throw the salute when the birds blast off? I thought they got those guys to do it...

      Just pushing those things around would be a pant-filler! Look at the front wheel on that Shithook... it's about 3" from the edge of the deck!!! There is NO room for error or a brainfart whatsoever!

      I am reluctantly forced to respect the USN almost as much as my beloved Marines...