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Friday, 13 January 2023

Bible Needs Anti-Semitism Warnings…

 …and probly a good fact checking from our (((friends))) belonging to a small ethnoreligious sect.

After they’re done - maybe we should let the queers, pedos and commies edit it as well?

Never thought I’d be reduced to using triple parentheses. But… I am developing a rather virulent hatred of palm-rubbing happy merchants. All I want is to be left alone…


  1. For your enjoyment:

  2. The Bible doesn't need ANY fact checking.

  3. it is all of a piece with everything else
    the whole lot will burn in hell for about half a second
    that 'bishop' is c of e, so what do you expect?
    heard on catholic radio this morn that they are discussing ordination of females to the priesthood in the 'synod of synodality', a phrase which means nothing
    i knew benedict would be got rid of so that the devil's own could step in
    keep praying. the evil is upon us.

    1. I wonder Deb. I fear I may have been duped, now that I think of it.
      Consider that much of what we see is click bait. It is meant to be toxic and generate outrage and controversy because they want your clicks and your eyes for their advertisers. The Chinese run massive clickbait farms and rent out their services to unscrupulous ad men and their clients. Of course they will pick on Christians - if they pick on moslems, those yodelling mutts will find them and cut their heads off. They can't provoke the jews because Holocaust and Fascism... so we get it in the hooper with crap like this.

      Let us put an end to it - sure, Schmuelly - by all means, DO edit and censor my bible. In return I will censor the Talmud, and the rewrite the current mythology surrounding the Holocaust. Let's do the same to the muzzies too! :)

      This world is going to burn and no bones about it. One is tempted to pour gasoline on it and get it over with...

  4. word is, the top 10 visited "christian sites" on google search... are all troll farms..