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Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Chooseday Ramble: Spoiled


Hey - listen up you tards. Unfortunately this blog is canadian and we have to adhere to some forms of speech control! Example: It is NOT Tuesday. It's Choose-day. Say it right, you capitalist pig dog yankees!!! I'll even put it in a sentence for ya so you know how to say it right. 

"It's Chooseday morn - and I was oot and aboot." 

Anyone that does not abide by canadian speech controls will get a wedgie they'll never forget!!!!

This morn I got siphoned at the clinic and got up with the birds. I re-joined the stubfart bowbenders out in the country because they finally put up a heated building. It's rough, has a dirt floor (for now)... but it's warm and its home. If I poop the bed at 03:00 - I could just throw the bowcase in the Dawg mobile and go shoot any time I want - day or night! It's simply awesome. I had my clinic appt. done and my shooting done by 9:00am!  I'm rusty - my arm is a little creaky but I got 60 good arrows in today and yesterday. I will take the day off tomorrow to let the muscles have a day off.

It's definitely not cold out here but it sure feels like it. Today my hands stuck to the metal gate when I unlocked it to get in and I just felt cold. We've been chinooking up here and when winter comes back it feels much worse than it actually is. We had a bunch of snow but most of it has melted. The sweet thing is that we will have another chinook kicking in this weekend. We are planning to take Mort out to meet a puppy and if he agrees we might bring one home.

Have a goot chooseday morn everyone - and thanks for dropping by.


  1. glen, do you visit or post on any of the archery sites?

  2. Take off you hoser. Gimme some twofours and back bacon. I'll settle for Sow Belly.

  3. Glenmiester- only fags hunt with bows. If you can get close enough to stick 'em, it coulda been done with a rifle half hour before. Used to tell my deer-hound hunting pals in GA "You not a hunter. You a damned dogcatcher!" They still loved me, nonetheless.

  4. I'd go for a rescue dog. Puppies are a pita.

  5. Fetch My Flying Monkeys31 January 2023 at 13:52

    I’m praying that Mort loves that puppy. Nothing better than a fresh puppy to reinvigorate everyone’s lives!!

  6. Glad you're getting the pup. I switched to a crossbow a few years ago because of worn out shoulders (constuction will do that to you), but it's not the same as a real recurve.
    Sucks gettin old do it while you can!

  7. I speak Canuck and yankee.

    Ehaya watcha doin.

    Watcha doin eh.

    Bear Claw