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Thursday, 26 January 2023

Get A Weigh Scale Too…


An esteemed blog visitor of mine is an official Alberta Fish and Game
Association trophy book scorer. If you drop an elk, he gets out the tape measure 
and score card and his word is final.

In this case - I dropped a deuce!
We better bring him in on this one. 
This one is an Alberta Non-Typical. Why - it should blow the former world 
right out of the water!
Eat ya heart out Texas!


  1. I'll shake your hand if it's bigger than the congress turd from Houston. We send all the giant sized ones to DC.

  2. Non-typical crook neck trout?

  3. My kid (boy) would occasionally stick his head around corner, inform toilet won't flush and disappear. Oh, great. As per the drill, I would sneak up on the offending contraption and open the lid with a yardstick or a coathanger. It looked like somebody had dehorned a longhorn bull and stuffed it in the porcelain introduction to hell. When flushed, it just made a motion like it was square-dancing. Occasionally, i would have to whoop it with a boot heel to gain compliance.

  4. Fascinating. How many 'Katie Couric's' does it weigh?

  5. To be entered into the Guinness Records, it must be verified by an official. And it must be " Unbroken ". In cm.