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Thursday, 12 January 2023

Great Cable TV Is Not Dead


Hmmmmmm. This looks like the work of one of the great screen writers of our day. Being a film and arts authority myself… I’d say this is the work of Kim du Toit. (It’s definitely NOT WL Emery as he is on safari in Africa). It will no doubt be graphic and explicit so you younger fellas (say, under 55) - will want to go to bed early or maybe watch cartoons instead. For the real young stubfarts n’ retards neurally divergent… we have your favourite animated characters to get you started on the right foot towards the responsible use of profanity.

  From our good friends at BFYTW Productions 

And to think - you were going to cut the cable and turn off the TV.

Shame on you.


  1. I thought that title was already used. Wasn't there a documentary about how the parents of Helen Keller punished her by rearranging the furniture? Or did they move the door to the basement? Either way, I think it was called the same thing. There is no originality in Hollywood anymore.... Such a shame.

  2. Furious fuckin' George! My favorite.

    They ought to do a live action version, starring none other than Joe Pesci as the titular 'Furious George'.