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Sunday, 1 January 2023

Let’s Start This New Year Off Right!


I figure we’re better off starting the year with a pic of a pretty lass, rather than a pic of say - one of the tards in the midst of mischief and tomfoolery. The destruction here at Uncle Bob’s School For Wayward Boys & Neurally Divergent - is catastrophic. Quartermain passed out and was fast asleep on the floor…and somebody drew a great big cack on his forehead and gave him a moustache with a marker. Pete is snoring quietly on the pot, he must have lost consciousness while dumping a load. I have the front of my shirt covered in vomit. Tards Neurally Divergent folks hang from the chandeliers, or sleep in puddles of vomit. Gahhhh… I think my skin is on backwards… oh gawd! I think I’m gonna hurl!!! HURK! HURK! HURK!


I guess it’s up to me to do the honours? My vision blurs as I fumble to screw the silencer onto my 45. I’m gonna euthanize these tards as a final act of kindness. Good thing this is Canada where assisted suicide is as legal as church on Sunday, eh?

Oh no! I sat down… and now I can’t get up! Guess I’ll just blow my own brains out then…and the retards’ll have to look out for themselves! 

Ulp…oh no! Not again!!! HURK HURK HURK….!!!!


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