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Sunday, 22 January 2023

Make Your Mistake, Globohomo...

Go ahead, Joe. Go try to give that Russian bubblegummer a big sloppy kiss and a sniff! In the words of Arnold Schwartzthenigger... "DO IT!!!! DO IT NOW!!!" Suddenly... the old pedo is in a pickle. Unlike Americans and Canadians... they won't tolerate perverts praying on their kids. In Russia, child molesters get fed to the bears, not elected to positions of authority and responsibility.


Funny, inninit?
When the marching morons in North America do
their retarded political dances... they always wear masks.
Remember the fatties and chubsters in scrubs during Covid?
Or that little Uke girl prancing in the snow in full

Errrrrrr... maybe that is a good thing?

Good to see the Russkies in good spirits…!


  1. "Preying on their kids" vs "Praying on their kids".

    1. Yes, but they're also probably praying to Gaia while on their kids.

  2. Saw a meme with a Biden Likes Minors sticker on the back of the car.
    If the derp state isn't careful, there won't be anything for Big Mike to destroy in 2024!

  3. What a cutie, looks 14. Could prolly kick my ass...I'll be polite.