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Saturday, 28 January 2023

No Apostasy, Heresy, or Ignoramia Allowed


The first mealy mouthed apostate or heretic that starts beaking off about trigger discipline

will be burnt at the stake! Do you realize who your beakin' off at???

It seems to be .22 Day round here at the T-Box...

My buddy had one of those bottom ejecting guns when we were kids and he was a

friggin sniper with it. 

I think they're ugly... but they cost an arm and a leg now and people don't seem to sell

them once they've bought one.


  1. Don in the states.28 January 2023 at 14:40

    Back when Norinco was importing them I bought 2 of the takedown 22's for my kids. My son about 81/2 at thee time was tearing around trying to get a shot at one of the big desert Jacks, stumbled and went down shearing the magazine tube at the back of the receiver.. And there it sat.

    In 2016 we were living in Minot and I was introduced to Big Steve and Mr. Docktor who ran Central Machine and Pump Repair. They were buried with Pump and Valve repair work because the Bakken was screaming. I wanted to get the rifle repaired and by the time I got it fixed my son had transferred to the middle east. They do excellent work and replaced the magazine tube with some 316 Stainless that was left over from a repair job they did. Going to Texas in the spring and will take him the rifle.

    Like Hank Williams said, Ain't too many thangs them old boys can't do.

    He's stateside now and seeing your Post made me smile.

  2. Looks awfully close to a Remington Model 24 sitting in the gun safe right now. It's nearly a hundred years old, I believe 98 based on serial number. Shoots short, long and long rifle. The girls quickly learned not to wear low cut tops when shooting with it. Hot brass had a habit of going places uncomfortable.

    It is a surprisingly accurate little firearm especially when viewed against the ability to break it down between the action and barrel with a light push with a thumb on the lock and a quick twist of the wrist.

    We've put thousands of rounds through it and several other .22's of its vintage.

    I just had a discussion with my oldest son about picking up a barrel liner for each of the .22's and a barrel liner bit so when they finally need it he will be able to have the parts on hand. The implication being they will perform well for more years than I have left to live and if we wait parts may not be available in the future.


    1. I have to correct myself. I went and pulled it out of the gun safe. It shoots long rifle only. I'm assuming so it has enough oomph to work the blow back bolt. The Remington model 12 next to it in the safe, that is several years older, is the one that shoots short, long and long rifle ammo.

      Sorry 'bout that

  3. Wow! The 1st and most successful 22 auto (production began in 1914) is also the sleekest, most graceful, design of any rifle ever, AND it's a take down! If you want to avoid room 101, you'd best get that crime think OUT of your head, you sculduggerist!
    Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia!!!
    OOHHHMMMMMM, calm now..... there's likely an as yet undisclosed trauma from his childhood or adolescence that is responsible for this abhorrent thinking.....Lord give me strength, give MISTER Filthy strength, wisdom, knowledge, awareness....and forgiveness.
    Life is hard...THIS, on top of everything else! OOHHHMMMMMM.......

  4. I guess if there's anyone that knows what he's doing with something that goes 'bang', it'd be John Moses Browning.

  5. My buddy won a pump .22 in high scruel selling FFA sausage (that was 1977-78). He put it down and lost it. I found it in 1984. It was heavily rusted on one side and not too bad on the other. The doofus put it on top of a camper shell his dad had in the barn. They never used the shell, so it sat on some saw horses. I looked under the shell one day for some reason (we were renting the farm hand's house next to his parent's house) and my hand grabbed onto it. It wasn't right to keep it, so I gave it back to him. When he was young, he was like a pet racoon: what he didn't pish all over, he shat on.

  6. I just love that little rifle - my grandfather had one chambered in .22 short - in the winter, he would set up a target backer (a cardboard box filled with phone books) in the basement and we would shoot that rifle in the basement.
    Many years later, I stumbled across a Grade II Browning .22 Auto for $125.00 (this was in 2003 or so) - I snatched that up of course - that was cheap even for that time. Used it to hunt rabbit over Beagles for years and still get it out on occasion - lots of great memories can get built around firearms.