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Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Of Bohunks And Boons


The old jokes up here in Alberta come to mind. How many Ukrainians does it take to change a lightbulb? Then there’s the one about screen doors on Ukrainian submarines… Back in the Before Times such foolish jokes were everywhere and the Ukes were the ones telling them, like as not. One of the things I love and admire about Slavs is their sense of humour. They will crack jokes in places and situations in adversity that will make other men weep in despair. If it takes 6 guys to change the light bulb, they will laugh and do it and that job will get done. If the screen doors sink their submarine - the next one will have working hatches. But, eventually the light bulb lights, and stays lit so that the other chores required for civilization can go on, uninterrupted, day or night. That’s historically the way western civilization has run.

This is a NOTAM, or Notice To Airmen. It’s purpose is to notify pilots if any changes are being made in the airspaces and facilities they operate in. It is a pilot’s legal responsibility to consult this document and be familiar with it before he takes off. There could be unexpected runaway closures, airport construction, changes in airspace status… you name it. The infrastructure required to generate these documents and keep them accurate and up to date is critical.  There are back up systems and procedures, contingency plans and procedures to make sure the pilots get this crucial info. Yesterday flights were grounded all over the place because the NOTAM system failed. To put this in perspective, this is like a busy hospital losing power in an ice storm, and the back up generators failing, and the battery emergency lights in the halls going out. To bring that about a complete failure like that - would take either a calamity measured in megatons…or an almost a criminal level of negligence and incompetence. 

In the growing number of black-run cities… stuff like this happens all the time. The water and sewage plants break down. The heat goes out in schools in the middle of winter. Water mains break and don’t get repaired. The pot holes in the roads don’t get fixed. Nowadays pitched mass brawls break out at Popeye’s and Waffle House, and department stores get looted by swarms of morons. It’s like that in South America and Africa too. Gee… I wonder if there’s something in common with all these places and events?

It just just HAS to be racism!!!

I think I’ll pass on air travel for now. At least until they get all those fascists and racists pulled out, and more diversity in to replace them…


  1. I think the problems in cities (like the potholes) can be laid at the feet of kicking the can down the road with respect to retirement pensions and benefits. More and more tax revenue is going to those buckets leaving less to pay for current employees and consumables like asphalt.

    The "trick" of deferring costs was irresistable to politicians and unions and special-interest groups. Float a bond, build a rainbow themed amphitheater, one which could not even pay for the heat on receipts.

    Eventually, you run out of road to kick the can down.

  2. Oh you're gonna like this, Glen.
    NOTAM now stands for Notice to Air Mission.
    The name was changed in December 2021 from Notice to Airmen to be "inclusive of all aviators and missions," according to the FAA.

    You have to have your priorities straight, eh?

    We're going to end up as some Brazil/South Africa hybrid.
    I won't see the worst of it but my children and grandchildren will. People will still survive and manage through, but it makes me sad for what we have lost.

  3. That's what happens when you outsource programming to the sub continent. Third World Programming and Development tend to have Third World results.

    Just wait til Online Banking and Trading go down.

  4. cannot understand the forcing of square pegs into round holes
    try to find an individual's natural abilities and steer him into a good fit
    then we'll all be able to function and contribute

  5. The diversity is ahead of you. See if you can print this explanatory tweet.
    Tipoff in the 2023 budget- “Racial equity,” “inclusion,” “income inequality,” “environmental justice, and “climate change.”
    The documentation for your thesis. Keep up the good work.

  6. Taken from Small Dead Animals blog. If it were not for informed Canadians then we Americans would be more misinformed. Thanks, good Canadians and FJT

  7. I fully and completely understand that humans are individuals, each unique, with particular human abilities and traits.

    That said, I'm right on the edge of walking out of, or abandoning for use, any establishment or organization in which blacks, of any description, compose a majority, or a significant percentage of employees or practitioners, and I will strenuously avoid engagement with any political entity so managed or populated.

    The risks are becoming just too high. It's not racist, it's historic data-driven self preservation and self defense.

    Problem is, white people these days don't seem to be all that much better either. As a people, Western Civilization seems to be headed to rock bottom at warp speed and I doubt there will be a "dead cat bounce" when we hit.

  8. Guess which one will soon be a baby moma. 1,2 3, 4, or all of them.