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Thursday, 5 January 2023


 I remember when GI Joe was the original fugged up Viet Nam vet… and they put him in a Mercury 7 space capsule. I bet you little chits haven’t even heard of Johnny West or Major Matt Mason! Cry me a river you little turds - and stop leaving flaming bags of pooh on my doorstep!!!! Get off my lawn!!!!



  1. The folks got me GI Joe when he first came out. He was in a Wooden GI footlocker. Good stuff.

  2. Cool thing about G.I. Joe was the cool firearms they made for the action figures.. Had the attache case with a detachable silencer barrel, pistol stock and Luger with the case having a button for remote firing while in the case.

    Who goes through the trouble of creating a 'toy' with 4 parts that come apart and can be assembled / disassembled today ?

    Garands - M1 Carbines - Colt 1911 - Browning Hi-Power - S&W 1917 revolvers - Browning 1919 were all there, easily recognizable by their profiles. Hasbro taught us to be firearm collectors from an early age.

  3. GI Joe was cool, but then there was the Six Million Dollar Man, with the bionic action arm and eye! You could push the lever on the back and the arm would lift stuff, and if you squinted a bit and looked thru the back of his head, the eye was a tiny little telescope. Complete with jogging suit.

    I didn't have the space capsule or bigfoot cause only rich kids had that stuff, so Steve Austin had to fight Joe and then smash matchbox cars. The shit you got pictured above I don't even recognize? Kinda looks like a weird stretch armstrong doll on the left? The yellow chick must be from a an old Flash Gordan set. Whatever.

    1. Yep. I’ll tell you what - Joe in his silver space suit and space capsule were the stuff of rich, usually older kids. I remember Bobby’s was on a stand on display in his room. I would love to have one today.
      But for the rest of us…Joe, Johnny and Matt had pretty tough lives. We blew them up with fire crackers, tortured them for information and lynched them on a regular basis. These toys here would never have stood up to such punishment…

  4. I had the "Guns of Navarone" playset and a "Space 1999" Eagle lander. And the Electro Shot Shooting Gallery (for about a week, until Mom got sick of the noise):

  5. Heh, who here had one of these?
    - WDS

  6. I didn't play with dolls... even back then I thought it was gay before I knew what gay was.

  7. When I turned fifty, I got the bestest birthday present ever: a Spongebob Squarepants Barbie doll. Still unopened, NIB, and someday it'll be worth a fortune! I got it because I'd read about it (Instapundit I think), and thought it was the most bizarre bit of cross-marketing I'd ever heard of, but couldn't find it in any store I looked in. My six year old granddaughter piped up and said to her mother "Mom, they have them at Blockbuster!" She was right.