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Sunday, 1 January 2023

Pondering The Nature Of God

They had a speecher up in church today that threw out an absolutely spectacular show on defending the relevance and scientific credibility of the bible that essentially rehashed the old believers vs non-believers arguments. I.e. the holes in evolutionary theory, the logical fallacies and inconsistencies required for the atheist mindset, etc. nothing really new there, I have seen much of it before. These things always seem to devolve into basically “what is the source of your info” and “how do you reconcile these obvious inconsistencies and contradictions in your viewpoint?” For me…I am no longer a believer. I am not the kind of man that believes things with no justification. I KNOW things. I know there is a God; I’ve seen His work, and a few times I have seen His hand in motion. And I can feel His presence. It has not always been so. I had to reset the way I thought and perceived things before I could upset all my previous atheist mindsets to do that. The difficulty is that the human animal - even the shitlibs - do fairly well in situations where there are clearly right and wrong (or good and evil). Both sides start going straight to hell when the situations involve two ‘right’ options. The difference is that Christians can usually ‘catch themselves’ before they plummet in flames, whereas shitlibs can’t. Now those silly cretins are mainstreaming pedophilia, murder, and genocide. But…I have no interests in arguing with anyone about it. Shitlibs can’t even argue on a scientific basis about anything anymore, and they will have to sort themselves out. I no longer care what they believe or disbelieve, if they don’t make sense - I will disregard them and won’t let them impose their twaddle on me. I have started asking myself more sensible questions (in my own opinion). 

Like…does God have a sense of humour? He almost must, based on the stuff I am seeing these days. How would He define it? 

I laughed like hell at this. I was going to poast it in my periodic idiotic rude joke poasts…but it gave me pause when I slowed down and thought about it. Sons have always pranked their fathers and vice versa… but things get real dicey when sons over-step, and verge on mockery and contempt. (Ask me how I know this). What would our Maker make of stuff like this? Some devout Christians would say I am straying away from righteousness by even contemplating this or asking the question. From my uninformed spot on this earth, it’s rather witty, gentle mockery of us both. If we are created in God’s image, I’d say he might get a rude smirk or chuckle out of it too. Where does He draw the line on stuff like this? The answers that come back are all over the board. Some pious scolds will tell me to shut it and behave myself. I’d retort that we need to know the mind of our Maker in order to stay closer to Him and his intentions. 

But… my mind wobbles as much as everyone else’s. I’ve been roasted many times by ordinary people for my ignoramia and offended some beyond their limits with stuff like this. Is humour like this actually sinful? 

It’s a dangerous line to tread, especially when your Maker’s sense of humour can be absolutely lethal. Sometimes small things like this turn into mighty complicated topics on second thought.

I hope you Yanks were able to get to church today, and that you’re finally warming up down there. My new year was off to a fantastic start, and I hope yours is too.




  1. "An ape with anxiety." That is a hoot. I've been saying for decades that our feeble, partially evolved chimpanzee brains are not remotely capable of apprehending reality. As Doug Adams puts it: "The universe is not only stranger than you imagine it to be, it's stranger than you're CAPABLE of imagining it to be."
    So. I enjoy a discussion of metaphysics now and then, but there is no one in my circles of acquaintances that I can even approach for such, excepting one brother. Thank you Glen for providing the forum to ponder the imponderable.
    p.s. That final image in the cartoon is from a woodcut illustration from Milton's "Paradise Lost". I've had one or another copy of it since 1970.

    1. I believe Doug Adams was paraphrasing Richard Feynman.

  2. Ok, I laughed loudly. My daughter had a fridge magnet whiteboard with that meme as a blank, so you could write in various text. Humor of this sort is largely about surprise, unforseen outcomes, punchlines. This is how we learn and see new things. Growth, through inquiry and discovery of (his) Nature is clearly part of the plan. We're suposed to think things out, and laugh at our naivety/stupidity as it dies through discovery. It's not what you think that matters, it's what you *do*. (though what you do *is* largely, but not entirely, an effect of what you think)

    I've seen clear evidence of a sense of humor even in cows, chickens, and a snake.... never thought I'd see that.

  3. What does it mean to be created in God's image?

  4. I'm certain the Creator has a robust sense of humor, come on, look at us! I'm also certain HE/SHE/It doesn't split hairs like we do. Knowing "right" from "wrong" is hard wired into the system, it requires active intent to go the wrong way enough to qualify for "sin". God didn't go to all this work to create a system designed to send 90+% to hell. "Many mansions" means there will be an hierarchy of landing places in "Heaven". I'll not worry much about the "hereafter" and will worry about being my best self here and now. Everything is as it should be, regardless of the general state of entropy/evil. God, in my belief system, is a Non-interventionist. He expects us to handle our AO and help others AS WE SEE APROPRIATE. I see the Lord answering prayers, but in a non-interventionist way, I'm OK with that.
    Happy New Year. Thanks for helping me to stay grounded.
    Good fortune (and luck if you believe in it, I don't) to ALL this new year.
    Yours truly, Neurally Divergent (thanks for that, makes us tards sound respectable), Tree Mike

  5. James Burke on the nature of humor (humour, he's a brit), and of language and understanding itself:

  6. Every man to his belief. I can't change you and I don't want to change you. That is your conversation that you have to have with your God and how you perceive Him. I have to believe He has a sense of humor, look no further then the lowly platypus... and I know He has a Temper, that has been evident. God gave us choice, discernment, will, He has to know we want to know Him, intimately.
    That God can look into our hearts and knows why lies, then He knows we have the curiosity to question and make mistakes and say what others perceive as blasphemy, if it truly was blasphemy then His temper would ride and smitten comes to mind. To my way of thinking, they are teaching moments and of course we are to judge, there are conditions to that judgement we must adhere and step out of Grace when we are wrong.

  7. God has a sense of humor. I think the line gets crossed when humor becomes outright disrespect.

    Christians pull themselves up before plummeting into the flames because God is a STANDARD. God NEVER changes. Today's post-modernistic lunacy has people thinking that God is whatever the want Him to be. That's where their wings get singed off and they end up in the lava.

    As for "holes in evolutionary theory," here's one; we live into our eighties and nineties and only get one set of permanent teeth. Even sharks and rodents beat us there... I rest my case, Leftards...

  8. Once one understands that God is spirit, those type questions aren't even asked anymore.

  9. It's not wrong to have questions of God. He is a big Guy and can handle our doubts and fears. Let me weigh in on the created in His image thing. We were created in His image. Bible says it, I believe it, but what image? 2 arms, 2 legs torso and head? No we have the image of God's righteousness imprinted on our souls not our bodies. Bible tells us that man sinned and was cast away from the perfection of Eden because of our sin and disobedience. We still however hold the image of God within us, which is why mankind is capable of incredible good (Image of God) and incredible evil (Image of flesh)
    We ain't perfect brother but the One who restored us to relationship with the Father is. We are always gonna struggle against the flesh, but the ultimate victory for us is sure because you trust in Christ alone and not in anything else. Happy New Year Glen. Bendiciones.

  10. That comic is more closer to the truth than most would like to admit. Too bad it hurts their sensibilities...or not.
    Ohio Guy

  11. You have to chuckle at that. Free will exists. God's Wrath is real.

    Bear Claw

  12. As a Christian with an over-developed sense of humor, I have thought a lot about it. Humor is ALWAYS at someone's expense. Yet humor is built into us and is something that can bring closer fellowship and irony is clearly biblical. I generally try to make myself the butt of my jokes and hope that won't upset the Big Guy (not Biden, btw).