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Saturday, 21 January 2023

Saturday Ramble: The Filthie Poacher


Shoot, Filthie!!! Texas Lung Shot!!!


That’s a little better… I might try a close shot like that 
with a rifle…but definitely not the bow. 
Ya know what…? Nah. I’d try to get a better angle on that.

Okay!!! Alright already!!! No, I didn’t shoot it! The season is closed, and besides…this big ol’ girl still had a calf. But… if I had my hunting arrows with the warheads and it was a shoot or starve situation…I bet I could a put that old swamp donkey on the ground! I run the big 175 gr. two blade Hex warheads - very similar to Kudus. They fly straight and true too!

What a great day. Our bow bender’s club finally got a heated building. It’s rough inside because it isn’t finished yet… but it’s all ours, and it’s warm!

Pete The Meat is stinking out the range with
his wretched marksmanship.
I get to gloat for now. Once we get our arms back…
he’ll be an insufferable sniper
and a source of constant irritation and humiliation.

We had so much heat, I was in my tee shirt and as snug as a bug in a rug! I’d fallen away from archery for awhile… but lord, does the old bow ever feel good in my hands. It was even warm outside yesterday. The days are getting a little longer…and I’m planning my first camp out with Flapz in BC for April. I can hardly wait!

Mort is still bummed out and missing Macey and when his face gets too long I beat him up until his morale improves. I got a smile out of him and it’s all good. He’s got some mourning to do too.

One of the ladies out at the little chapel in the country had some pups for sale and I didn’t even hesitate. I wanted one!

Rottie/lab/alley cat cross!
Impeccable breeding, eh?

These two monsters could help me
eat a poached moose before the game warden 
even showed up!

I thought, “I’m a farm kid and not a pussy! Macey was great but now she’s gone and these little squirts would be just the ticket to sic on senior delinquents like Quartermain and Jack!”. But I slept on it and the next morning all I could think of was Macey. It didn’t feel right, it was too soon…and I got cold feet. Macey’s replacement will have to wait a bit. I didn’t think Mort would be up to it yet either and he will have the deciding vote on security staffing round the castle. He’s the senior man now. So…now that I chickened out…I feel I am making a big mistake and missing an opportunity! Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t!


It will be time when it’s time to replace Macey, and not a moment before. It’s not like me to waffle on something important like this… but it is what it is.

I fear I am getting older, stupider and softer. I seriously need to pull up my socks and get back into the important things in life.

We’ll see how that goes, I suppose. Where’s your bow at? What about your rifle? Is it zeroed? Stuff like that might become important rather suddenly the way things go these days.

Do something fun today you guys - something that can blow the winter dust out of the old brain box!

And… Have a great Saturday.


  1. the time will come to pick another pup for yourself.
    but not too soon. takes a while for each of us. we waited almost 8 months before the quiet of the house was driving us nuts.
    new pup is a pain in the butt. barks at everything. and is still learning his place in the house. but, in time. he will stop chasing the cats. the UPS truck. fedex and the school bus.
    that said, the pups above look like great ones.

    1. Yup they have so much energy that burning it off is a huge issue. You have to be able to keep up with it and discharge it slowly or you could end up with serious problems and destructive habits... how is your little guy doing, A? What breed?

  2. You'll know when its the right time. So will Mort.

    1. That's right, FF. Mort has to come to grips with things too.

  3. You are not replacing Macy. You can never replace 'em, you find a new friend.

    1. very true.

    2. Yes. You are absolutely right of course... but it will take some time to convince the heart and soul otherwise. Not too long I hope...

  4. Highlander is right, you're still young enough to get puppies. When Angel leaves us (she's 9), my next dog will be a geezer that needs a good home, I'll be 72 in 2 weeks. I don't want to abandon some fine canine to the mercies of the world by rudely dropping dead.

    1. Well that is an issue too, Mike. I am not yet 60 but I am getting old and fat. I need to put on more miles at this point in my life, not less... and poor old Mort is a senior too. His walks have to be shorter now and they will only get shorter. I have one big dog left in my and then I will be in the same boat as you... and as far as that goes... there's lots of 4 legged hoople headed seniors that can use companions like us...

  5. Highlander beat me to the punch. Don't wait forever for Mort, he's over the bridge waiting for you along with your other friends.

    1. Mort is so dumb, that he will probably have forgotten he is a widower by supper time tomorrow, HAR HAR HAR!!! That is mean to say... but he's perking up already. We took him for an off leash walk in the country and he had a ball.

      He will come around sooner rather than later.

  6. Good on ya, Glen. I plan to make some machining chips today and finish out the birthday present. Other things have rudely interrupted me this week.

    I think I need an old hound dog. Something that won't slobber on me, and will sit by my feet and not trip me up. Might be a stuffed toy that I really need.... Those two bright eyed beauties up there look sharp. You could probably do a lot worse.

  7. my older beagle mix dog died at 16 yrs old. younger dog, a pyrenees/ collie mix, 6 yrs old was devistated. i could not get her to eat, or even get off the porch.
    so i went to craigslist and got the only pup available.
    some sort of junkyard dog mix.
    she was 5 weeks old, usually i not get them that young, but was despirate.
    i set pup down, the dog became a changed dog, when ever the pup would lay down, the now older dog would curl up around her like it was her pup, you couldnt even see pup.
    now they are inseperatable. they are the best pair of coyote chasers i have ever had on farm.
    i still miss the dog that passed terribly, but it was for the best that i got another, , i was afraid the remaining dog would morn itself to death.
    you never forget those that have passed.

  8. Whatever you do, DO NOT accept an invitation to "visit" a litter. No! No! No! We made that mistake. Someone will hand you one of those little furballs, and all sense and reason melts, and you end up putting down a deposit on one.
    Do it when the time is right. And if possible, let the pup choose you. When we got there, I got down on my knees and called "Here puppy, puppy, puppy!", and sure enough, one of them made a beeline for me. Most of the litter was hanging around momma dog, and ours was the one off by herself looking for weak spots in the perimeter fence.

  9. My dog died two weeks before we left GA to return to TX. That compounded the grief. 2020. We just got a new, wonderful mutt last Feb due to my wife's observation of life at hand. She "saved the day". People had to rehome him at 6 mo.'s. King Shepherd. A definite gift from God. A fine distraction from worldly crap.

  10. You don't need all of our permission.
    Just get the damn puppy!
    I just got a new English Shepherd pup to replace my Basset Farthound who passed last month. She's 11 weeks now and running me ragged but I wouldn't have it any other way.
    (And I do wish we had one of the older pups around to help teach her, but she's sharp as a tack. She could sit, stay and come at 8 weeks).

  11. Get the puppy.

  12. Raturday Samble the Pilthie Foacher!
    All honk honk aside, a Country Strong bud once bagged a deer from the bathroom window after spotting it while sliding a Biden!
    He later acted like he was out in the back yard and just saw it.

  13. "It will be time when it’s time to replace Macey..."
    That's the wrong way to look at it.
    You will never REPLACE Macy, because that is impossible.
    What you can do is move toward healing yourself from the injury that has happened to your soul and also create a new and rewarding life for a young animal that can help you heal and flourish under your guidance. The new one won't replace the old one but rather take it's own place on the conveyor belt of life as it ever moves forward. Good Luck!

    1. Absolutely true. It’s funny how that works too. Macey was the smartest dog I ever owned. Mort is dumber than a goldfish but none of that matters…at least to me. They need to do three or five commands and beyond that it’s all good.

      We will figure something out soon!

  14. I get those swamp donks backyard regularly. There’s a bull hanging around who’s trying to shed his rack; managed to get one side off. He’s kind of angry but I think I would be too if I had 30 lbs of antler hangin’ off one side of my noggin. Always figured I could drop one if I really needed to, then just winch it into the garage. Easy pack out!