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Saturday, 28 January 2023

Tards Le Truant

 Welp - I done it. The Bitter Centurion has been captured and put back to constructive work! I have already pooped in the comments of his cage on his first poast! The smell should inspire some epic rants - AND some darn fine commentary! Back on the blog roll he goes.

Sinister things and darkling shadows continue to accumulate and swirl around Coopville. The poultry runs the affairs of the town and have subjugated their former human masters. They will eventually conquer the world provided Biden doesn’t blow it up first! I have updated the link - I think.

Other bloggers are in the wind or goofing off and neglecting their duties. WL Emery and Borepatch aren’t putting in enough time but that’s okay…life happens.

I am not happy about Gorges Grouse. He’s gone MIA. If anyone sees him or hears from him…please tell him he is missed and has fans.

Keep your corners square everyone! Spring is coming!

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  1. Gorges Grouse ... George was having problems with the blog/blogger or wordpress , he didn't know how to fix it ... That's all the intel that I have for now , at least that's what he said before dissapearing ..