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Wednesday, 25 January 2023

The Rain In The ‘Kraine Falls Mostly On The Plain And Ends In Pain…

 Not only do I have to give up Blab one a these days… I gotta stop hanging around the more neurally divergent blaggers. The Usual Suspect is in Hitler’s bunker pushing the game pieces round on a make believe map, and lecturing us on the state on the Russia/Ukraine conflict. 

The latest NATO super weapons will arrive in the Kraine 

He actually DID come up with a great idea to recognize and celebrate stupidity that goes beyond mere Darwinian level retardation. However I fear the General will actually be one of the first posthumous recipients of his own award, HAR HAR HAR! I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on him…he’s just parroting the mass media. It’s not like he can think for himself I guess… The mass media tells him that “Russia is NOT at war with NATO!! Then they tell him that “Russia is at war with the world!!!” My question is… if Russia is clearly at war with you…why don’t you man up and formally declare war on them? Those of us that can think that through have come to some truly detestable truths and conclusions that are beyond lesser men I suppose. For the record… I don’t like unpleasant truths either…but pretty lies are not the answer.  Stupid people are generally infuriated by being forced to think.

It’s been fun but ya get to a point in the game where the retard can’t keep up, and all you’re doing is picking on a moron. I just learned that Russia’s Wagner Group was annihilated in the first few days of the conflict. Who’da thunk it?

It’s tough to watch. No one will blame
you if you pass.
As for you, Aesop…you should have to lie there and die in pain with
these Ukrainian kids as the Wagner group toys with them.
It’s deliberately staggeringly stupid guys like you that are responsible for this.
Wave that Uke flag harder, retard.

In the real world, the Wagner group just cleaned out Soledar. They REALLY did a number on the Ukes in the process. While the General pats himself on the back and assures us all is well… the Wagner group wastes Ukrainian kids scores at a time, hundreds a day.

For a spectacular discussion on the realities of this conflict, I heartily recommend today’s presentation by the Z Man. Some seriously big problems are coming home to roost in the western militaries.. Don’t just read it…fact check it. In today’s world, being misinformed gets people killed.

GAH. I need to get back to the rude jokes. 


  1. “ Wave that Uke flag harder, retard.”
    Hahahaha….Aaaaaaaaa, men!

    Fuck Krainelandia and it’s nazi symps.

  2. that's what no one gets if they haven't actually studied the russians. they don't care about terrain or cities, they care about annihilating enemy troop formations. not just making them "combat ineffective" but totally destroying them. there was a general that i can't remember that said "our job is to kill the enemy until he doesn't want to fight anymore, however many that takes."

  3. There is little doubt in my mind that the fag nurse general is controlled opposition or genuinely mentally ill. It isn't even fun to laugh at him anymore, he is sickening. His actions/words regarding Uke propaganda and his his histrionic and threatening gene therapy/covid rants are negligent at best, criminal at worst. He is selectively carrying water for the enemy, then giving a pitiful attempt at spin to say that's not really what he said when he is wrong. It is beyond tiresome and no longer worth the entertainment to watch him crash and burn.
    We remember. We all remember. There is no amnesty.
    Thanks for playing though.

  4. Glen you'll love this, I read an extremely astute observation this morning.

    "If ukrain started with hundreds of tanks and they are doing so well, and winning, why is everyone sending them tanks now".

  5. The ONLY problem with war... is that it's made of war. If it weren't for the death, doom and destruction, it would be a lot fun. Disclaimer; I've never been to war, but I've seen fictional depictions on a video screen, so I'm pretty sure I'm an EX-spurt on the subject.

  6. "There is little doubt in my mind that the fag nurse general is controlled opposition or genuinely mentally ill"

    Agreed. I agree that mouthy cocksucker is working for the other team: a Yuri Bezmenovian demoralization agent. I still shake my head at the fucking retarded idea that Russia blew up its own pipeline. Of course he was a nurse(assuming that isn't bullshit either) because the front line is the last place you will find that faggot.

    " I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on him…"

    No such thing. He deserves to be in foxhole in the Ukraine but I'm sure they'd shoot him because he can't stop running his mouth.

    This is a informative article:

    In a nutshell, the Russian have destroyed 3 armies. Russia destroyed the first Ukrainian Army with Ukranian equipment in the first month. Then they sent Ukraine all the old Soviet kit....and the Russian destroyed all that: the 2nd army. Now they have destroyed the third iteration of the Ukraine army, with shitty American kit.

    And you gotta know that the Russian are just dying to get thier hands on an Abrams, which they will.

    Regarding the video. I binge watch these videos that are put on the Telegram app that show the destruction. There are shit tons an hours of video to watch if real war is your thing. So, if Ukraine is winning, where are the videos? Where are the videos of Russian losing. I don't mean one video but hours. If Ukraine was winning there should be a lot of video. You know if they had them, they would be plastering the internet with them. But they don't. My guess is because there are not any video of Ukrainians kicking the shit out Russian because there aren't any because it is not Russia that is getting its ass kicked.

    "There is no amnesty. " General Aesop goes to the front of the line.

    1. I would absolutely get giddy at the prospect of presiding at Aesops trial.

    2. The way 'the general' is anti-Russia, I suspect he might be a (((tribe member))). Anybody that's informed on US empire's
      actions in Uke wouldn't blame them. Without ulterior motives,
      which defines (((them))).

    3. That would actually explain a thing or two…

  7. Z mans article is very very good.
    I keep mentioning logistics to people and they look at me as if I have two heads.
    There is no way we can furnish tanks to Ukraine without rebuilding their transportation infrastructure, fuel depots and personnel ranks. And then we have to train hundreds of them how to use, repair and maintain all the equipment.
    This cannot happen overnight, it will takes months if not years and by then they'll be speaking Russian in Kiev.

    1. I can hear the Russians laughing from here, DMM. Go further down that rabbit hole: those weapons need legions of trained, motivated smart white guys to deploy, maintain and use. Problem is that the military is now pozzed and infested with bronies, furries, trans/pan/homosexuals, affirmative action she-boons, and other dregs. Anyone with an IQ above freezing won’t serve under them, and the best, brightest, most experienced senior personnel are taking early retirement and bailing out…

  8. Just another fucking proxy war that the Military Industrial Complex and scumbag politicians (on BOTH sides) are using to line their pockets and add zeroes to their bank account balances - no different than Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, a good chunk of Africa, Vietnam, etc. etc. Has absolutely jack shit to do with 'freedom' for anyone, from either side.

    1. Yep. I look at those men in the rubble in the vid, JL… and I look at our leadership here… and…yeah. I am no longer a patriot and I will not commit atrocities on their behalf.

    2. I sure as hell ain't. I'll be honest - 15 years back, I believed the bullshit and drank the kool-aid. I believed we were doing good in Afghanistan, which is why I joined the military. I never once questioned what business we had fucking around in the place to start with, never mind if we were actually doing any good over there. And what did it amount to?

      Now the goddamn shitlibs and idiot neocons are clamoring for a war in, yet, someone else's backyard and seem to only give a shit because Globohomo told them to. Funny how they never gave a shit that we were fucking up the homes and neighbourhoods of all those brown people we turned into terrorists and 'refugees' that the west is receiving 'cultural enrichment' from.

      One thing leads to another. Funny how people often don't seem to be able to put that together.

  9. These remnant lads need to turn their collective ass around and deal with that crooked fag in Kiev that sent them to their grave.

    1. Word on the street is that's already starting.
      With the media reporting again on the Ukraine government buying mansions and fast cars, they're preparing scapegoats.