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Friday, 13 January 2023

Thunderbox Retard Talent Show Tonight At 7:00


A blog visitor recently informed me that if I ever monetized this blog, he’d leave in disgust! Apparently the content here is so bad - it’s still a rip off even though it’s free! 

With that in mind… I have been forced to explore other means raising money… By exploiting myself and my neurally divergent friends. Sigh. Hard times call for desperate measures…

All proceeds to Filthie’s early retirement fund! 


  1. If I’d been in this drawing I’d have been on stage with a six string acoustic. Undoubtable I’d be wearing it like the picker in the Animal House scene after Bluto discovered me while descending the stairs.

    But I’d have been playing something more notorious than “where have all the flowers…”. Thanks for the image all the same.
    Franknbean :- )

  2. No, wait, there I am pummeled and on left side of the dragon costume's feet.

  3. Well OF COURSE, if your'e free, that's what your'e worth. Take advantage of the fact that there ARE neurally divergents out here that are addicted to emotional and psychological abuse, and monetize it.

  4. Oh yeah, Filthies SURVIVAL fund. There, FIFY.

  5. I'll chip in a keg, but I want strippers damit! And none of that skank from the bad side of Edmonton or wherever it is you get your jollies,

    1. Why don't you like the "over 60, over 250" strippers?