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Sunday, 15 January 2023

With OR Without, Ed….FIFY

Was life this simple in your day, Ed?


In our current times there are no facts anymore. Truth and facts are a function of relative viewpoints. If truth and facts are relative then everything is an opinion. It’s how we get 79 genders and pedophiles in our schools, magical evil racist flu bugs that propagate in nonsensical ways, voodoo doomsday environment narratives, and deadly fake vaccines that we inject our children with.

We live in an age where if you are a cool kid, your opinion IS fact even though it changes from day to day.  To deny truth is to taunt and dare Murphy, Darwin, God and the Devil. We have been waving red flags at them and snorting and kicking dust at them… and I can’t help but feel this will all end badly…sooner, rather than later.


  1. White man won't fight. They bred that out of him when they put the women and children into power over him like the Bible predicted.

  2. FACTS for General Aesop as I just sent it to him and wonder if he'll post it.

    I think Germany is slow walking "AID" to "Support Ukraine".

    Thucydides Trap, worth looking it up Aesop (As I know he reads here daily).

  3. My take on the situation is that the non-producers would have had a change in attitude except "compassionate" governments have been coupling the two different economies together, the productive and the non-productive.

    At some point there will be too much ballast in the gondola of the hot-air balloon to clear the power-wires.

    Any thinking person who is productive must have some plan to heave the non-productive out of the balloon, sharp knives to slash the ropes holding sacred cows to the outside of the gondola and hammers to smash the fingers of the non-productive trying to clamber back into it.

    1. Think that's called going Galt. (unless you mean armed revolt)
      It requires we stop using their money.

  4. Glen Aesop posted his reply:

    Blogger Aesop said...
    The problem has never been Russia.

    The problem has always been Putin.

    Suggest you research De Tar Baby trap.

    Now go on with your Russia! Russia! Russia! cheerleading again.
    As for homosexual slurs, you've got your blog wires crossed, and confused this place with your organ grinder's instrument.

    January 15, 2023 at 8:12 AM

    Should we cross post a few on the many "Sucking Putin's Junk" Commets from Aesop here for his edification?

    Seems he has Alzheimer's about things he's posted so many times over the year.

  5. Whilst interrogating Jesus, Pontius Pilate said "What is truth?" ...And here we are again...