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Tuesday, 21 February 2023

du Toit Spotted


Eeehhhhh…. Y’know…. There’s that rule about respecting your elders. There’s the admonishment that if ya can’t say anything nice….


But this is the Thunderbox! I am old, cranky and mean, and a stubfarts gotta do what a stubfart’s gotta do!

You guys spent more time on your hair than your gals did and you looked like faggots!

Your music sucked balls! Your disco daze left everyone sticking fingers down their throats and washing their eyes out with bleach!

As for your cars, they didn’t go any faster than your father’s.

I was there, and you can’t BS me, HAR HAR HAR! The kids talk about smothering old buggers like me and putting us out of their misery. I am all for it on condition that du Toit and my mom go into the wood chipper first, and I get to watch! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!😂👍


  1. Historic Flatulence Czar21 February 2023 at 11:26

    Flatulence goes better with everything.
    Let one rip for morale and for a fine contribution to humanity.
    Go ahead, let one blast!

  2. If you stuff du Toit into a wood chipper, you better be using the super heavy duty industrial grade wood chipper or all you'll do is clog it up.

    As for your cars, they didn’t go any faster than your father’s.

    Maybe, maybe not. It's a two and a half hour drive from Columbus, Ohio to Sylvania, Ohio. I've done it in two hours flat; my father did it in one and a quarter hours, and that was on two lane blacktop back in the 1950s.

    It isn't just speed, and it isn't all torque. It's the man behind the wheel.

  3. That’s a nice 67, I have a 68 notch back, same color. They’re time machines.

    1. I'd give both my left ones for a red 69 Mach I and I'd play 70's classic rock constantly while driving it.

  4. To be fair, duToit would never be caught standing next to an American car. He's far too fancy for that. Nope, he'd be standing next to some Fix It Again Tony clapped out 4-banger barely big enough to hold a real man and definitely edging toward total chick car roadster with four bald tires, talking about how sweet it handled and how real men didn't need 400 hp. As if.

    To be fair to the cars of the 60's, having driven more than a few, it wasn't the go-fast that was a problem cause they went plenty fast enough. It was the stopping and turning that usually got me into trouble.

  5. I still have great long locks of hair/70's-80 4x4's and still listen daily to Tull/Zep ect.!

    Sorry some didn't age well and are bitter!

  6. Where did you get a 40 year old pic of my ole lady?!